Baseball Ding Dongs Recipe

baseball ding dongs, recipe, baseball recipe

This Baseball Ding Dongs Recipe is perfect for those end of the year ball parties or for travel ball starting this summer. My whole family is into baseball. My oldest sister was a catcher in school. My dad coached my other sisters. My niece just signed on with a college to play ball for …

Festive Minty Mocha Trifle Recipe

festive minty mocha trifle recipe, holiday baking, kraft, trifle recipe, easy holiday baking

While I have never been much on baking without my grandmother since it is kind of a tradition for us to bake together, this year I think I am going to try to do things a little differently. I am going to try to make some recipes I have never made before. I am …

Fall Owl Cupcakes Recipe

owl cupcakes, craft recipe, fun for kids, fall recipe

  This is the cutest fall recipe I have seen lately. I love owls and I know they are probably the most adorable creatures of the night in my opinion. I think this Fall Owl Cupcakes Recipe is super adorable and super easy to make. And the ingredients are simple. I had most of …

Minions Pretzel Bark Recipe

Everyone has been just crazy over the new Minions movie lately. I even posted a delicious Minions Fun Dip Recipe a few weeks ago in honor of it. Now I am back with more! I have been out of the office for awhile for family stuff but I wanted to share this yummy, fun, …

Breakfast for Dinner – Pumpkin French Toast Casserole with Raspberry Syrup


Sometimes the best dinner isn’t dinner at all. It’s breakfast. We have a long tradition at my house of breaking out the waffle iron, or the blender for smoothies, or throwing together a tofu scramble instead of something a little more traditionally dinner-like. Breakfast foods are the best foods, and as breakfast food enthusiasts none … Continue reading “Breakfast for Dinner – Pumpkin French Toast Casserole with Raspberry Syrup”

Rainbow Cake Mix Cookies Recipe

Who doesn’t love rainbows?¬†Everyone loves them. So how about these delicious rainbow cake mix cookies? They are super easy to make and I know kids will be excited to see the sprinkles! I think its awesome how easy it is to make cookies with cake mix. Before a few years ago I had …

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