Harry Potter Potion Ornaments – Great Harry Potter Craft for All Ages

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Harry Potter Craft for ALL AGES! This Harry Potter craft is entertaining for fans of all ages, and can be used for decorations on the Christmas tree. I got the idea from the Unofficial Guide to Crafting the World of Harry Potter, and followed the directions almost exactly. While I was making these ornaments, I got … Continue reading “Harry Potter Potion Ornaments – Great Harry Potter Craft for All Ages”

Fall Owl Cupcakes Recipe

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  This is the cutest fall recipe I have seen lately. I love owls and I know they are probably the most adorable creatures of the night in my opinion. I think this Fall Owl Cupcakes Recipe is super adorable and super easy to make. And the ingredients are simple. I had most of …

Witches Broomsticks Recipe Craft

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Oh my goodness! It is almost Halloween and it is time for the Halloween crafts and recipes to start pouring in. I think September is both the slowest and the quickest month because everyone is waiting for October. This adorable Witch Broomsticks Craft Recipe will help you survive until its time for getting out …