Incredibles Putty – Kids Silly Putty Activity

Incredibles putty, Helen Parr, Jack Jack, Dash,

Incredibles Putty Craft
Incredibles putty, kids arts and crafts,Helen Parr, Jack Jack, Dash,

I am sure you have seen my posts recently about visiting Pixar Studios in San Francisco and getting to find out more about the Incredible 2 movie. I absolutely love the Parr family so I have been way more excited than my kids that it is coming out June 15th! Tickets are available now through Fandango. Since the movie is coming up soon, I wanted to share this super fun Incredibles Putty craft! Just like real silly putty that we used to play with when we were kids. Very easy to make and simply incredible to play with. And the supplies are cheap and can be found on Amazon or at pretty much any store like Walmart, Target, etc. And I know I love finding out more about kids arts and crafts.  So check out this Incredibles Putty craft and let me know what you think in the comments.

And you can also check out how they design the amazing costumes for The Incredibles 2!


Elmer’s Glue All

Sta Flo Liquid Starch

Red and Yellow Food Color


Mix two parts glue and one part liquid starch together in bowl. (If you prefer to use measurements, I used ½ cup glue, ¼ cup starch.)

Stir until combined.

Knead with hands until putty forms and is no longer damp. (This will take several minutes.)

Split into two balls of putty.

Add red food color to one ball, yellow food color to the other. Knead each ball until color is distributed. (Red putty will take extra food coloring to move from pink to red.)

Can knead, pull, stretch and copy newsprint just like real silly putty.

Can copy inkjet printed images as well. (That is what is pictured.)

Incredibles putty, glue and liquid starch in bowl Incredibles putty, glue and liquid starch in bowl Incredibles putty, balls Incredibles putty, add food coloring Incredibles putty, Incredibles putty red and yellow balls

Incredibles putty, kids arts and crafts,Helen Parr, Jack Jack, Dash,



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  1. I have fond memories of pressing silly putty against the Sunday cartoons, lol. Thanks for posting!

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