Harry Potter Potion Ornaments – Great Harry Potter Craft for All Ages

harry potter craft, harry potter,

Harry Potter Craft for ALL AGES!

harry potter craft, harry potter,

This Harry Potter craft is entertaining for fans of all ages, and can be used for decorations on the Christmas tree. I got the idea from the Unofficial Guide to Crafting the World of Harry Potter, and followed the directions almost exactly. While I was making these ornaments, I got ideas for other projects so you might see those in the future. Also, if you really love glitter, you could dip the bottom half of the ornaments in glue and then cover them in glitter. I think these ornaments would make great holiday gifts for friends. Just make sure you deliver them early so they can put them on their trees! I saw this Harry Potter Potion craft and I just had to have them for my own tree.  You can pin this craft for later or you can print out instructions at the bottom of this post. I have never done a homemade ornament craft but the book lays out the directions very well.

Supplies Needed:

4 plastic globe ornaments (like these)
2 cups warm water
Glitter glue pens*: green, yellow/gold, white/silver, pink
Glitter: green, yellow, white/silver, pink
Food coloring: green, yellow, pink/red
Glue gun + glue sticks
Black Sharpie

*I purchased my glitter glue pens online (from this link) because they were cheaper than buying in stores. IF you can get them on sale like I did ($3ish), it’s definitely worth it.

harry potter craft, harry potter,


Take the top off of the plastic ornaments and fill them each ½ full with warm water. Because they’re round, you’ll need to set them on something to prevent them from rolling away. I used little glass dishes. The actual tray the ornaments came in would work, too.

harry potter craft, harry potter,

Add the glitter glue: green for Polyjuice, gold for Felix Felicis, white/silver for Veritaserum, and pink for Amortentia.

Next, add the glitter. Top off with 1 drop food coloring for each.

Note: The book says to use two drops, but only use one. I used two drops in the green and you can see it is WAY too dark to be able to see the lettering because of it.

harry potter craft, harry potter,

Cover the top of the ornament with your finger, and shake until all ingredients are well combined.

Hold the cap to the ornament upside down by the top loop. Fill the inside rim with hot glue. Be careful! The hot glue makes the cap very hot.

harry potter craft, harry potter,

Quickly place the lid on top of the ornament.

Use your black Sharpie to write the name of the potion on your ornament.

harry potter craft, harry potter,

Don’t forget to grab the book to find more Harry Potter craft for you and your little Hufflepuffs!

harry potter craft, harry potter,



harry potter craft, harry potter, homemade ornament craft

What Harry Potter craft are you most excited to try?

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  1. Easy fix for the hard to read potions names, use a silver or gold sharpie instead, they look more magical anyway.

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