The Walking Dead Cocktail – Yummy Zombie Drink

The Walking Dead Cocktail - A Zombie Drink inspired by the Hit Show

I love bloody drinks and all the gory things, and that’s why I created this The Walking Dead cocktail. This Yummy Zombie Drink  was inspired by everyone’s favorite zombie show and has the “skin of a human”, “blood”, and “brains” – it’s totally gross, but I definitely love it!

A zombie cocktail with red, white, & dark colors surrounded by skeleton hands with The Walking Dead caption above it

Halloween is probably the best, most gory-friendly time of the year for this Yummy Zombie Drink, but honestly, my The Walking Dead Cocktail  will probably kill it any time of the year!

This cocktail is something like a White Russian but with some yummy toppings, like fudge and caramel added for extra deliciousness. It is absolutely delectable! Not only is this cocktail rather tasty, it is also very realistic looking, so it’s sure to thrill whoever you serve it to!

The Walking Dead Cocktail Recipe: 

The Walking Dead Cocktail - Yummy Zombie Drink


1-1/2 oz vodka
1 oz Kahlua
2 oz cream
1 tbsp caramel topping
1 tbsp. fudge topping
– 3 tbsp Simple syrup
– 2 drops Red food coloring


Fill a cocktail shaker with ice, vodka, Kahlua, cream and 1/2 of the caramel.
Give it a good shake.
Swirl the remaining caramel , blood, and the fudge around the inside and rim cocktail glass.
Fill with ice.
Pour cocktail mixture over top.

Serve to your guests and have a spooky time!

The Walking Dead Cocktail - Yummy Zombie Drink

Remember to try out this yummy Zombie drink with your friends at your next The Walking Dead viewing party, or just make some for your Halloween party!

Make sure to let me know how your The Walking Dead Cocktail turns out for you, and be careful! They may be tasty, but the alcohol will sneak up on you just like zombies. (Ahhhhhhhh!!! I am scared of Zombies, by the way. Like super scared. So it’s weird that I’m making this but I think it’s cool.)

Need some spooky and gory snacks to go with your yummy zombie cocktail? I’ve got tips for you here!

Author: Kat

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32 thoughts on “The Walking Dead Cocktail – Yummy Zombie Drink”

  1. Looks creepy, but has a lot of my favorites Kuhlua, and fudge. Sound a little like a Colorado Bulldog but is has caramel and the Blood. A must try for Halloween.

  2. Ohhhh, these are just perfect! I’m going to my best friend’s birthday/Halloween party and i think i will make us a few of these. Thanks for the killer drink!

  3. I like The Walking Dead – Zombie Cocktail! It looks so cool and I need to make these for my Halloween party. I like that there is Kahlua and cream in this drink!

  4. I have to admit that it was “The Walking Dead” phrase that drew me to this post. Then I saw White Russian and I thought “ooh, yummy”. I was worried that the red ingredient might be some fruity ingredient but was pleased to see it was simple syrup and food coloring. So, going back to my first thought – ooh, yummy!

  5. Oh my gosh, this looks so gross but I bet it tastes so good! I love Kahlua! Will definitely be adding this to my cocktail recipe file.

  6. I wish I could have a cocktail now after seeing this. I can’t because of an ongoing medicine. I think it looks rally good.

  7. I’m a big Walking Dead fan.. i will definitely be making me some of this to watch the show!!! very creative

  8. My husband and mother-in-law love Walking Dead. It scares me too much. I should make this cocktail for them. The drink sounds like a perfect dessert drink. It has some of my favorite things.

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