Fun Pirate Drink Recipe

Ahoy, mates! While sailing the internet wide, pillaging fun recipe sites, and adding to your treasure chest of must-tries, give this fun pirate drink a taste. This mix is a fruity blend that will satisfy your inner swashbuckler! And we all know that being a pirate is even more fun when you talk like it. So get some cool pirate party stuff and then get to making these fun pirate drinks!

I am a rum fan myself (but tequila is my one true love!), but I have friends who don’t care for the taste as much. While that can be alleviated by spending the extra money on top-shelf quality, I find that the combination of fruit juices and Schnapps in this mixer blends well with even the more affordable rum options. We don’t all have buried treasure to fall back on, after all!
4 oz rum
1 oz spiced rum
3 1/2 oz grape juice
3 1/2 oz cranberry juice
2 splashes peach Schnapps
Lime for garnish
Fill 2 high ball glasses with ice cubes 3/4 of the way up.
Divide the rum, and spiced rum between the two glasses, top with the cranberry, grape juice and a splash of the peach schnapps on top.
Garnish with a lime or you can get these cute little pirate swords!

Anchors away!

Set sail to your own pirate paradise with this fun pirate themed drink. It’s sure to shiver your timbers! Remember the Zombie Cocktail Drink with its blood, skin, and cream?  Meet its fun, jolly sibling, the Fun Pirates Drink that will make you say “Argh!” and wow all your guests!

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