Snacking the Spooky Style for Halloween

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It’s the witching time. It is almost Halloween and everyone is trying to outdo themselves on making spooky foods. My friend Katie and I decided to throw an all-out-spooktastic party this past weekend. We brainstormed some great recipes and I wanted to share some of them with everyone. I used some great Tyson Brand products from Walmart which are all convenient and yummy. We already had a ton of stuff to decorate with from previous years’ sales at Walmart and clearance stuff. Katie always goes all out, so it was perfect.

First we wanted to have foods that were easy to cook and easy to change into something spooky. And they had to be kid friendly. And, of course, they needed to be cost effective because Katie and I both have a bunch of kids as do most of our friends.

We figured that everyone loves chicken so we got some Tyson Crispy Strips which are super easy to warm up and serve. But I wanted to do something spooky with them so I added 3 drops of green food dye to a bowl of honey mustard. The kids LOVED the green dip. I told them it was “zombie dip” and it went over great.

Then we had seen bloody hot dog fingers online so we recreated them for the kids. It was very easy to do. We used Ball Park Hot Dogs which are yummy as well as being 100% beef. We boiled them but they can be cooked on the grill as well. Then we used a knife to scoop out small bits of it like a fingernail and knuckles. Then we added ketchup to achieve the bloody effect.

The mummy corn dogs were my favorite to make and eat because State Fair Corn Dogs are my favorite snack food. Seriously, I love corn dogs so much. All you have to do is get string cheese and wrap it around a baked corn dog. Really, it’s that easy. And yummy. The kids said the “mummy wraps” were delicious. We added black olives for eyes to add the mummy effect.

We had a blast. Everyone ate so much. We also had some super cute State Fair Mini Corn Dogs that we made into creepy crawly bugs. We used chow mien noodles to hold them together and add a fun crunch. The kids helped by adding black olive slices to the eyes. I think they looked adorable instead of scary but they were a hit.

And what would a party be without a dessert? We simply put pretzel sticks into chocolates to make witch broomsticks.

Are you throwing a Halloween party this year? You should definitely save time and money by going easy on yourself and getting everything from Walmart. These Tyson Brand snacks I have featured are inexpensive and delicious. Plus, you can use my ideas and rock it like we rocked ours!

Author: Kat

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14 thoughts on “Snacking the Spooky Style for Halloween”

  1. All great ideas for some fun Halloween snacks. I have a small party for family every year so it is nice to have some new ideas.

  2. Love these ideas. We have a fun Halloween movie night every year. I will have to put some of these food ideas on my list.

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