What is Organic Gardening?

What is Organic Gardening?

organic gardening


Organic gardening is something that you hear about all the time, but few actually know what it means. Organic gardening is much more than simply leaving out the toxins. It takes a fairly committed approach to have an organic garden that is both attractive and fruitful. Here are some general truths about organic gardening and what it takes to keep one:


While it is true that organic gardening demands that you not use pesticides, fertilizers and synthetic products of all types, there are plenty of organic ways to still handle the problems that these things usually solve. The difference is that nothing goes to waste and the garden replenishes its own resources. If you take care of your organic garden and dedicate enough time to it, organic gardens can be just as fruitful as any other type.


Organic simply means that the materials being utilized are natural. Decaying plants and animals waste makes a wonderful mix of compost. You can add kitchen leftovers, leaves, grass and many other wonderful, natural products to this mixture. Working this matter into your soil will have the same effect that fertilizers and other toxins do on regular gardens. In fact, it often is much better.


Soil is easily the most important aspect to growing anything in the garden. If you make the soil rich and healthy, then you will have plants that explode in growth and bring forth excellent food. The best way to ensure good soil is to feed it. That is why the compost is so important.


Pesticides are spread into the majority of the world’s food supply through gardens and organic gardens refuse such toxic options. People don’t realize that there are organically friendly ways of dealing with insects that are not good. Also, people need to understand that many types of insects are good for a garden. You should only eliminate the bad ones.
Organic gardening is a wonderful way to keep the earth natural, keep the toxins out of your body and feed large numbers of people. If you and your family will commit to it, you will have a wonderful new source of food that you can trust completely.

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