Four Ways to Spend Our Extra Cash Saved from the Walmart Family Mobile Plan

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About a month ago I posted about searching for a cheap wireless plan through Walmart’s Family Mobile Plans and you can see our visit to the Walmart Mobile Center on our Google + album. I had been having trouble keeping signal on my phone in my OWN HOUSE and had been paying around $150 a month for two phones.  So we suspended service on one of our phones and decided to see how much better service the new phone we were sent has and how much money we could save by using the unlimited Family Mobile Plans.  This month’s bill is pictured below and it is a partial months bill. The #FamilyMobileSaves plan is $40 for the first line; $35 for each additional line for unlimited talk, text, and data.

familymobile1 #spon

$29.50? Wow! I will take it. There is no contract to speak of! You are billed monthly and you can stop at any time and I dont see us stopping anytime soon. You can keep up with your plan on the online account management site.  It was super easy to go in and pay my bill.  Actually exceptionally easy since it was so inexpensive!

My husband was so surprised at how much we saved. He is very much a grouch and a grinch so whenever we can save some money it really makes him happy. He said that we could do whatever with the money we saved so he and I had a few ideas on how to spend the money.

TAKE A DAY OFF WORK TO SLEEP MORE – Who needs that overtime money with what we are saving? Better to take a nap with the kids like this one who loves to watch Netflix on our phone. Good thing the cheap wireless plans from Walmart Family Mobile have unlimited data as well.
familymobile5 #spon

MORE MONEY FOR CRAZY THIFTSHOP ART – My husband spends a couple hours every month finding ‘ART’ at the thriftstore. This one pictured below was $30 and I was very mad but he reminded me that we saved a ton of money this month so he was allowed. Besides this gives him more time on the phone with his grandmother and grandfather who actually made their start finding antiques at thriftstores and flea markets before moving on to the house building industry. They are great to talk to so he sometimes can spend hours talking. Another great thing about our wireless plan is unlimited minutes to talk to the fam.
familymobile3 #spon

MORE MONEY FOR ONLINE GAMING SALES – We are a family of gamers. My husband has been bothering me to death this past week because Steam was having sales. He would call me up and ask could he spend $5 on this game or $3 on that game. So far he has bought 4 new games. I don’t see how he has time to play them when he is playing on the internet all the time on our new LG L9 phone we were sent and we already have a billion games but we have the extra money.  And he pouted so I said yes.

familymobile4 #spon

CHEAT ON YOUR DIET AND BUY MORE SNACKS  – My husband and I are on a diet. So while we would have loved to spend some money on a date night we decided that would just be cheating too much.  I know a good steak would be wonderful but I cant imagine how many hours on the bike I would need to spend for an applewood bacon wrapped filet mignon.  So we decided to go with a little cheat and get some candy bars.  Snickers to be exact.  And they were only $.50 cents each so I bought a few.  Hopefully my husband doesn’t sneak and eat them all at once.

familymobile2 #spon

Whew, that was a good way to spend our extra money this month. But what will we do next month? Now that we are using the Walmart Family Mobile Plan we are getting to experience the Best Wireless Plan around or the best we have seen so far, we need to figure out a plan to save our money up for something big.  Maybe for that trip to Maryland we are taking in August!



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  1. Sounds like plenty of great reasons to give Walmart Family Mobile a try, not to mention some fun ways to use the savings 🙂 I know my own family would save a ton by switching and I'm encouraged to read about your positive experience! Thanks so much for sharing.

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