Motor Oil Matters to Me

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One of the things I have never known much about in life is my car. Honestly I am the type of woman who cares nothing about learning about it and would prefer my husband or father to do it for me.  Unfortunately life does not care about my lack of experience or care about my beautiful Civic and I am ALWAYS the one who has to do the maintenance on my car.  Or well I am always the one to take it to get maintenance so I have had to learn a little bit. My mom hates my attitude about my car. She believes that everyone should know enough to get by when it comes to their cars.

While I have proven that I don’ t know much I do know that oil changes are very important.  Especially now that the summer driving season is upon us.  Oil changes can make a world of difference.  Motor Oil Matters, or MOM, a new consumer education and industry watchdog program by the American Petroleum Institute, has been established to stress the benefits of quality licensed motor oils and call on to the carpet those who engage in deceptive practices. MOM helps ensure your engine and emissions systems function at their best.

MOM lets you know facts like AAA expects between the major summer holidays of Memorial Day and Labor Day to aid over eight million motorists, and cautions drivers that auto maintenance is key to avoiding summertime travel breakdowns. Ensuring quality motor oil in your car is one way to prevent road trip problems. Service-locators can be quick to offer discounted services because automotive costs can get expensive.  There is a place down the road from me that often offers oil changes for half off on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Make sure your service provider is pouring quality motor oil into your car before you decide on a cheaper deal.  The place I mentioned used a different type of oil on mine the time I went and my husband got a little upset.  It turns out though that they were right because I happened to mention all the miles I drove everyday to work and to visit family and I really needed to be using a high mileage oil.

Be sure to check out this pdf checklist for your next oil change and keep up with the maintenance on your car!

You can also check out MOM’s Facebook Page and their Twitter.

Motor Oil Matters has also offered a $50 Giftcard for your next oil change!!!  Just enter on the form below before 7/31/13 at 11:59pm.


Author: Kat

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  1. I drive a 99 Honda Odyssey and I tend to slip when getting them on time.

  2. I drive a Mercury Mariner and we use to get them often when my son-in-law use to do our oil changes but I guess he gave up and we are in need of one. It has been about 5 months now for me since I had one

  3. I learned that Motor oil is available in a variety of viscosity grades and API performance levels

  4. I have a jeep grand cheeroke and yes, my brother is very diligent at changing the oil every few months.

  5. I learned that motor oil is available in a variety of viscosity grades and API performance levels.

  6. I learned that you should check your vehicles owners manual to see what type of oil they suggest is best for your vehicle.
    Thanks so much.

  7. I drive a 2004 Chevy Malibu and get oil changes approximately every 3,000 miles.

  8. I drive a mini van. My husband keeps up with my oil changes, he is a tow truck driver so he knows how important it is,

  9. Too much oil (above the MAX line) may cause parts of the crankshaft to dip into the oil and churn air into it, causing foaming/oil pressure fluctuation.

  10. I drive a Toyota Highlander and I am due for an oil change now. I usually get them every 3,000 miles.

  11. i drive a ford explorer and I am cery diligent about getting my oil changed on time

  12. I have a '98 Toyota Camry with about 95,000 miles on it and it runs great. In fact, I just had the oil changed today.

  13. I drive a Honda CIVIC and I have my husband change the oil before the recommended service intervals

  14. I learned that it's important to get the correct oil for your vehicle and to get the filter changed.

  15. I learned that there are no mechanics within an hour of where I live and work that make their list, rats!

  16. I drive a Kia. I do get oil changes every 3,000 miles, but it is usually long over 3 months by the time I get to 3K miles.

  17. I learned that having too much oil (above the MAX line) may cause parts of the crankshaft to dip into the oil and churn air into it, causing foaming/oil pressure fluctuation.

  18. I drive a Ford Bronco and unfortunatley we don't change the oil when it should be done.

  19. Something I learned – Write down the mileage and date you had your oil changed. Vehicle
    manufacturers often recommend oil changes based on miles or time,
    whichever comes first.
    Form name Barbara Montag
    Thank you.

  20. We have a jeep cherokee and we get it dont when we're suppose to, yes.

  21. I learned Motor oil is available in a variety of viscosity grades and API performance levels.

  22. I have to admit I am like you…I have never cared about learning more about our car…but I know I should. I read about how to know the quality and I even had trouble concentrating on that. LOL But I now know to look for the doughnut and the Starburst! My dh will be impressed!

  23. I drive a honda accord and my mechanic changes the oil right on schedual

  24. I found out that you have to change your oil filter with each oil change. Thank you!

  25. I drive a Jeep Cherokee and my hubby changes our oil about every 6000 miles. Thank you!

  26. Your owners manual helps you select the right grade of oil for your vehicle so make sure you check it

  27. I learned to make sure the oil change includes a fresh filter. Owner’s manual probably recommends a specific type of oil filter, so make sure the right one is included with the oil change.

    1. I am not. I usually go over by several thousand before my car says it needs an oil change. I also have a Honda Civic.

  28. Oils recommend & licensed by API have been rigorously tested to ensure they meet API’s engine oil standards.

  29. We have a Subaru outback. We are often a bit late, but change the oil pretty close to schedule.

  30. i drive a nissan xterra. no probably not, I change oil anywhere from 5000 to 6000 miles

  31. We have two Hondas and my husband takes care of all that, so I don't know!


    {in the contest I am Margot Core on the widget}

  32. I drive a VW Jetta and my husband usually changes the oil in my car but not as often as it should be changed.

  33. We drive a Dodge 2006 Grand Caravan and we do get it serviced on schedule.

  34. I learned: The program will hold oil distributors and oil change locations accountable if they’re not up to MOM standards.

  35. I learned it is good to check and keep your receipt after getting an oil change. It is good to make sure the company used the oil you requested.

  36. I see from their checklist that it's important to know exactly what your'e getting when you get your oil changed: oil brand, viscosity & performance.

  37. I drive a 2011 Subaru Forrester, and the cost of oil changes are still covered so I get them done everytime I'm supposed to.

  38. I learned that you should check your owner's manual for the correct viscosity to use.

  39. I drive a Honda Accord. My husband makes sure that we change the oil at regular intervals.

  40. I learned that you should check to make sure the oil they are adding is the right viscosity and they are including the right filter.

  41. I drive a Subaru and we try to get our oil changed about every 4-5000 miles.

  42. I learned about the potential damage that could result from using motor oil that fails to meet industry-established motor oil standards.

  43. i learned that oil viscosity is important to maintaining the health of your car.

  44. i drive a honda, and get an oil change only when I need it, not on a set schedule.

  45. I learned that some motor oils might not provide the performance you expect

    jmatek AT wi DOT rr DOT com

  46. I drive a 2013 Chevy Cruze and yes I do get oil changes when needed

    jmatek AT wi DOT rr DOT com

  47. I learned that if you see the MOM seal on their door, you are getting quality motor oil that is right for your vehicle.

  48. I drive a 2007 Cadillac CTS and I usually get an oil change about twice a year.

  49. I learned that the viscosity can be located on the underside of the oil cap. Thanks!

  50. I drive a '94 Subaru Legacy and I have the oil changed every three months according to recommendations. Thanks!

  51. That you can visit their site to find a MOM certified dealer near you
    annabella @ centurytel dot net

  52. I learned that new oil filters don't always come with an oil change.

    Lisa Garner

  53. I drive a Jeep Compass and don't change my oil as often as I should.

    Lisa Garner

  54. I learned that you should check your owner’s manual to see which viscosity grade and performance level is right for your vehicle’s engine.

  55. I learned to look for the API label when shopping for oil

    brich22 at earthlink dot net

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