Samsung SmartThings + ADT Home Safety Expansion Kit at Best Buy


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A few months ago I reviewed the Samsung + ADT Smart Home Security Starter Kit which comes with The ADT Security Hub, two ADT Door and Window Detectors and one ADT Motion Detector. It has been really cool knowing everything is safe and secure around my house and also the Security Hub is pretty awesome. You can read my review about how cool it is and how easy it was to set up. I recently received the  Samsung SmartThings Expansion Pack which includes even more SmartThings. The expansion pack adds leak detection, smoke detection and a carbon monoxide detector for even more protection!

The new SmartThings were super easy to set up. Each one has a QR code that you scan with your phone and then you tell the app where in your house you are placing it. Very easy to do and you just add them one at a time to your Security Hub. I think the Samsung SmartThings Expansion Pack may have been easier to install than the Starter Kit actually.

I was most excited about the Carbon Monoxide Alarm. I know thats weird to say I was excited but lets say its the thing I worry most about. We have a fireplace and I always just worry. But now I have some worry lifted!

To be honest I had no idea that a Water Leak Detector was actually a thing. I had never heard of it. I wish I had had one a few years ago when we had a huge leak in our house and no one was home for the weekend.

And the Smoke Alarm is great. We connected it to our Security Hub just like everything else. That makes me happy knowing that they are all connected and we will get notified if anything happens. It also tells you where in the house the alarm is going off so if its just a battery or loose cable or something like that you will know exactly which smoke alarm it is blaring.

With the devices set up in the app and the Security Hub I have everything connected at my fingertips. Its nice feeling secure in my home. You should check out the Samsung SmartThings Expansion Pack! 



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