Car Shopping for the Informed Buyer

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I know it’s that time of year when some lucky people have a little extra money in their pockets. Well quite a few people. Us self employed people usually owe money but sometimes I get a nice bit of a refund back and I always want to do something responsible with my money (after going to dinner & buying myself a new bra of course). So four years ago today I bought my trusty mini van with some tax refund money. It was needed at the time really bad. My husband’s SUV had died and we were down to one car but we really didn’t know what we wanted to get.

That is why I am glad there is an awesome site like out there. It really helps you look at all the options. I really wanted to go with something bigger but I really wasnt set on the idea that I wanted to be a mini van mom. I know, I know. It’s not that bad but people online always make fun of it so I was worried. Turns out that I watched some videos on the site and saw how freaking awesome vans are. I have a blue running track light in my van which is simply too cool for school. I bet you are jealous. Also, I had no idea how many different features cars have. I mean wow. You can get the same car in soooo many different ways. I honestly was a bit overwhelmed.

That is why its a great idea to do lots of research before you walk into a dealership or even call one. You want to be the informed buyer. You want to know at least a general idea of what you want, how much you are willing to pay, and what you plan to get that amount of money. If you do not appear like you know what you are doing then they will take advantage. Its their job to upsell just like it should be your job to know what you want. It does not have to be a lot of knowledge either. You can simply do a little research online and look at some pictures. In the end its up to you to be more informed so you can get the most bang forĀ  your buck. I chose a used car with 11k miles on it because it had awesome features like a video player & like ten spots to charge electronics but still had a really great price. However you might want something new or something even older. I bought the car my husband uses now in 2008 (its a 2008 model) and it rides wonderfully still. That is one of things you can find out about a make or model when you do some research.

Are you an informed car buyer? What tips do you have for others looking to purchase a new car soon?

Author: Kat

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