Having Trouble Not Cheating – Nutrisystem Week 4

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Well, I am on my week 4 of Nutrisystem (I didnt post week 3, I apologize!!! Its been crazy around here). I am having a terrible crisis though! People keep tempting me with food. Food other than my Nutrisystem meals. I have never had so many requests for lunch, dinner, and parties. Its like everyone knows I am on a diet and they suddenly want to torture me with greasy, filled with carbs, sugar, and butter food. And liquids. Lets not forget everyone suddenly having to have me be their bartender because I am the only one who makes the strawberry pina coladas the way they like.

My husband is laughing at me I am sure. And crying because he never gets invited anywhere. Big E works all day so it is very easy for him to stick to a diet. He has no access to other food. He has recently taken to really liking Spring Mix salads. He has even been trying out different types of croutons with it. I am still mad at him for getting more food with meals than me. And for losing more weight than me.

This week though I have have been biking at least two miles on my exercise bike. I know, I know. Two miles is nothing but I am working my way up. Don’t judge me. I have a few Nutrisystem foods I really enjoy and a few I don’t like so much. I don’t really like green peppers and some of the omelets have them in it! Other than that, everyone is pretty good once I got over eating huge portions of things and started eating a normal amount!

Here is to another great and amazing month on Nutrisystem!

Week  4 Totals:
Kat                                                                                   Big E
Wk2 Starting Weight                                            Wk2Starting Weight
172 lbs                                                                                206 lbs

Week Loss/Gain                                                   Week Loss/Gain
-4 lbs                                                                              -3 lbs

Ending Weight                                                      Ending Weight
168 lbs                                                                         203 lbs 

Total Loss:                                                              Total Loss:
4 lbs                                                                             16.6lbs

And I have started measuring us! I lost an inch around my waist! That must be a dress size because I fit in a pair of size 10 pants I haven’t worn since before I got pregnant with Baby E.  Big E lost 2 inches and he gained almost an inch around his top muscles (what are those called, biceps?) because he has been working out alot! 

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