Suicide Squad Inspired Deadshot Cocktail Recipe

Suicide Squad Inspired Deadshot Cocktail

Suicide Squad is coming out soon and they are bringing in a new Floyd Lawton as Deadshot and a Deadshot Cocktail Recipe is the perfect way to celebrate!   The trailers for this movie look awesome so far, and Will Smith is already pretty cool! At least in my opinion, so I think he will …

Baseball Ding Dongs Recipe

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This Baseball Ding Dongs Recipe is perfect for those end of the year ball parties or for travel ball starting this summer. My whole family is into baseball. My oldest sister was a catcher in school. My dad coached my other sisters. My niece just signed on with a college to play ball for …

Brighten up your Entertaining with SeaPak & win 5 FREE Product Coupons

It is no secret why Thanksgiving and Christmas are my favorite holidays. I like food. I like to eat and those are the best holidays for it. I love how giving everyone is with food and snacks during the holidays. You can’t go anywhere without someone offering you something delicious. One of my favorite things … Continue reading “Brighten up your Entertaining with SeaPak & win 5 FREE Product Coupons”

Chocolate Fire Shots Exclusive Drink Recipe

Who doesn’t like their chocolate with flames shooting all over the place? Okay, maybe this isn’t necessarily so, but it sounds like fun? Alright, what we’re really making is this the perfect Halloween shots if ever there was one. These Chocolate Fire Shots are devilishly fun and darn right delicious and that makes them …