Holiday Fun with the #HolidayCookoffBBoxx

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I was recently sent a Holiday Babbleboxx to include in my holiday plans and I was in awe at what all they included. Like I practically squealed at the cuteness of some of the stuff and oh my the cheese! I was so excited to try the cheeses. I love cheese. And amazed at the new kind of Pam.

GOURMET CHEESE BOARD With Castello Aged Havarti, Castello Gouda, Castello Traditional Danish Blue

The Castello website has a fantastic Cheese Board Builder which helps you create the perfect cheese board by answering questions about your flavor preferences and dietary restrictions. I did not have the chance to make a delicious cheese board like I wanted for my friend’s holiday recipes party because I ended up having to work right up until the minute but I did bring the cheeses and some breads and different kinds of crackers. I included sesame seed bread, hawaiian bread, wheat crackers, and golden crackers. It was such a hit! And my friend’s aunt and grandmother took home the Traditional Danish Blue and said it was the best Blue that they had ever had which I feel is a pretty good compliment considering her grandmother is in her 80’s.


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PAM Superior Non-stick Cooking Spray

I have long been a fan and user of Pam Cooking Spray. I have a few bottles in my cabinet right now because that is what my grandmother uses and she is the best cook in the world. I love the new design and how its non aerosol. It also has no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives while also being reduced fat and calories. So I decided to try it on brownies. Sometimes they stick when I make them and since I bring them to almost all holiday events then I needed to make sure they didn’t anymore. And the new Pam spray did amazing. I am sold!

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Wellness: CORE Natural Pet Food

Since I was already going to my friend’s house, I decided to try out the new core dog food on her big puppies. They are a year old and HUGE. The CORE Natural Pet Food is apparently delicious to them because they chowed down. I like how it is high protein for lean body mass and muscle tone. Her dogs are slender but thick. Like they are a chunk. It is 100% Grain Free recipe with freeze dried raw bites, 100% meat, with no fillers! I think I am in love with this wellness pet food with pure protein.


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WHIMZEES: Daily Dental Chews

I was most excited to try these WHIMZEES dental treats. I love giving my dog treats so I knew it would be awesome to give my friend’s dogs these WHIMZEES treats. They freshen breath and promote gum health. And they are a daily treat so you can spoil your dog with something that is helpful. It only has six primary, all natural ingredients so I didn’t feel bad at all about treating her pups with them. One of the puppies immediately went and hid with his and his brother chomped it down quickly. I love how they have such different personalities.


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Cracker Barrel: Reindeer Glass Milk Bottle, Santa Glass Milk Bottle, Snowflake Hors D’oeuvres Picks

I had no idea what the Snowflake cocktail picks were at first. Honestly. I was like what is this? Is it a pretty? Because Cracker Barrel has tons of pretty things and decorations so I was thinking it was something for the table. I was sort of right. They are super lovely for appetizer picks. And they worked great for the holiday party I was at because I put some by the cocktail weenies and some by the cheese and meat tray.  And they sent me these super cute Christmas milk bottles! One of them has Santa and one of them has reindeer! I love that they sent me two because I have two littles and they will both want to set out some milk and cookies for Santa. I had it out with the leftover brownies at home and they thought it was adorable. You know its a big hit when a 7 year old boy says something is adorable.

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Christmas Central: Holiday Decorations

I love shopping for decorations because they are so great! Like I can find stuff for holidays way after now. I like one stop shops and I love that I have just discovered Christmas Central for all my holiday décor. They have something for everyone. I like the pillows the most I want them in my house on my couch right now. And the ribbons! My mom would have a fit over those sparkly ribbons. The prelit trees are really great too and a great price. I think I could spend hours on this website just browsing before my husband made me make some choices.


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