Back to School in a Different Way with Verizon

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This year is going to be an interesting one for back to school. Since last year things were so wishy washy, my oldest son was not able to attend college. So its a do over year and he moved down to the beach last month. I am one sad momma but its time for him to start college and his life without his parents staring over his shoulder. So its going to be back to school in a different way this year. I have done so many Facetime calls with my son already and he’s only been gone a month. So we are going back to school with Verizon & their Buy One Get One deal!

For the longest time my son has been using my old phone. Instead of trading in last time, I just went ahead and bought myself a new one and gave him my old one. This time around though, I am looking to upgrade myself and get my son a great dependable phone like the iPhone 12. 

We had looked at it before recently but he couldn’t decide if he wanted to switch to a Galaxy like his girlfriend. Thankfully he decided to go with what I want because I will never leave iPhone behind. And since Verizon is offering their Back to School Buy One, Get One deal right, I can get us both a cool new phone and save a lot of money.

I am happy my child is doing stuff on his own now. I really am but it makes me so sad he is so far away living his own life. I am glad for technology that makes it easy for him to talk to me. I see lots of Facetime in our future. And I am thankful for companies like Verizon that make keeping in touch possible with their great coverage.  So while this year Back to School is going to be so different, its still going to be me and my babies no matter how old they get.

Make sure you check out Verizon’s Back to School Buy One, Get One deal right now! The deal is going on 7/21 – 8/10.


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