5 Simple Ways To Get Fit On A Budget

5 Simple Ways To Get Fit On A Budget

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Probably, you had set physical fitness as your resolution this year but financial constraints might have killed it. Well, you haven’t hit a dead end yet! A gym doesn’t actually have to cost you an arm and a leg. Whatever, fitness method you need, there is certainly a cheaper and effective way of going about it. Perhaps, you need to change your mindset and think outside the box. Better still, throwing away the box altogether works, too! So, do not backtrack on your resolution until you read the following budget workout tips:

  1. Work Out Videos

You might think that technology has rendered DVDs obsolete, or so you have read. The fact is that they could be gathering dusts in some shelves, but they are greatly useful. Therefore, instead of enrolling in high-end gym clubs, walk to your local library and ask for workout DVDs, so there’s no expense involved! You can also find such videos easily to buy on the Internet or simply watch on Youtube, the possibilities are endless. Don’t underestimate the power of the written word, either – many great printed out fitness guides can be found at Abebooks.

  1. Sign Up For the Local Sports Team

There are surely plenty of sports teams in your neighborhood you can benefit from. Maybe you have heard your friends about spending weekends or evenings at social joints or school grounds. Before you treat them as a cock and bull stories, just try! Being part of a local team not only saves you huge membership fees, but also improves your social networks. You can easily find these teams online or in newspapers. The type of sports can vary from team to team: running, football, baseball, jogging and many more others. Make sure you enroll in one that best suits your interests.

  1. Cut Down Daily Fat Intake

You cannot overlook the impact of fat intake into your body if you endeavor to keep fit. Even though a number of physical exercises burn those calories, regulating the amount taken in is as good as work out. Fat is good for our health – it provides energy, fatty acids, cell walls and insulation. However, it can also have undesirable impact on weight and cholesterol levels if appropriate portions are not taken. It is recommended that adults should draw 20% to 35% percent of calories from fat. Eating more of some types of fat and less of others is advised. For instance trans-fat found in powdered coffee cream, solid margarine and re-packaged baked foods should be avoided completely. You can also check out this great recipe round up of 23 Clean Eating Recipes!

  1. Use Home Exercise Equipment

You can avoid the huge costs of visiting gym facilities and paying those trainers by using home exercise equipment. Again, you do not need the costly, flashy and shiny equipment at your house. There are a couple of cheaper versions. Perhaps, there is limited space at your house; designers have not left you out! Just check out online stores for suitable offers – for instance, Amazon offers a pair of dumbbells at very competitive prices. I have an article on 100 Free Apps for Weight loss and Workouts you can check out to track your workouts at home.

  1. Training Classes

Physical fitness is no doubt a continuous endeavor – you will never have enough of it. Once you’ve gained some experience, you can ask a fitness facility for teaching classes depending on what you can do. Even though you might be adding more responsibilities for yourself, the benefits are huge, including earning some pennies, free access to gym facilities, as well as certifications. It might really change your life!


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4 thoughts on “5 Simple Ways To Get Fit On A Budget”

  1. These are good ideas! I once had an expensive gym membership and when the year ended, I did not renew. It costs way too much!

  2. Great tips! I like training classes because it allows you to get both exercise and socialization.

  3. Great tips! I am a fitness instructor at a gym and I still enjoy working out at home with a simple set of weights, kettle bell and resistance band. You can get all 3 items for under $50.

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