Zarbee’s Naturals Seasonal Relief

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Is it summer yet? This changing weather is getting to be too much on my head. I usually don’t have such a huge problem with seasonal suffering but this year has been bad. It is probably because its been hot then cold then hot then cold.  Rinse and repeat.  I have just been so congested that it is hard to function.  My children always want to go to the park and I am kinda eh. I want to but I don’t want to get worse. I found out that Zarbee’s has a new product just for seasonal relief.  Zarbee’s Naturals Seasonal Relief is a great solution for congestion! I don’t have to worry about what crazy things are in it because Zarbee’s Naturals is made with natural Butterbur to help combat congestion. I love companies who use natural ingredients so I don’t have to worry about the things I am giving my 12 year old and my husband.

zarbeeYou can find out more about Zarbee’s by going to the Seasonal Relief Project website! You can get a coupon and get a free sample of Zarbee’s Naturals Seasonal Relief.


Step 2 is even better.  You can get personalized seasonal relief tips by answering a few short questions about your experience.


And then for Step 3 you are helping Zarbee’s Naturals make a difference because every time someone visits the Zarbee’s Seasonal Relief Project website and share hows Zarbee’s Naturals’ Seasonal Relief with Butterbur worked for them, the brand is donating to a good cause! Help them support the protection of fresh air, including Fresh Air Fund, Children & Nature Network, and Moms Clean Air Force, and Healthy Child Healthy World.


I usually try using our humidifier for congestion.  I also try cleaning with the windows open several days a week.  I am excited to try something new with Zarbee’s this year. Zarbee’s Naturals’ Seasonal Relief is available over the counter at CVS and Target and is intended for children 12 years of age and over.

To learn more about Zarbee’s Seasonal Relief and Butterbur, you can view this press release.  You can also find them on  Facebook and follow on Twitter.  Be sure to get your personal seasonal relief tips and a free sample by visiting the Seasonal Relief Project website!

“These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.”

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  1. I’ve never tried a natural allergy relief medicine like this before. Luckily, I don’t suffer too badly.

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