4 Reasons I am Ready to Cruise with Royal Caribbean Again

I cruised with Royal Caribbean International as part of a press group through #Brandcation. While my cruise was complimentary, I did not receive any monetary compensation. As always, all opinions are my own. #SeastheDay


I am seriously spoiled for any other trips in my future. I am not even joking.  I had the most fun I have ever had in my life on my trip with Royal Caribbean and Brandcation.  I have never went on a cruise so starting out with Royal Caribbean’s Liberty of the Seas was a shock to me.  It was a fun shock.  I had never even seen one before and then suddenly I was seeing the 3rd largest in the fleet.


1. The FOOD!!!!

The food I had was so amazing.  I mean it would have been good if it was chicken fingers every day because I didnt have to cook it but it was so awesome! I had so many choices every day.  I honestly could have eaten several meals for each meal time.  I did the last night actually.  And the first night.  In my defense though I was extremely hungry.  Amazingly, on a cruise ship up to 30,000 meals a day are prepared.  The included restaurants in the all inclusive package were the Main Dining Room  which was open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They bring out a menu and you can pick and choose what you want.  You can choose more than one item.  This was my dinner the night I left.  Two entrees, two appetizers, and I would have had two desserts but I had to go pack in a hurry.


Windjammer Cafe – Seats 774 guests and is a buffet style restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner is connected to Jade which is a sushi and Asian fusion restaurant. This was awesome for breakfast because they had such a good assortment for things.  I can imagine that children would like this and Jade the best because of the assortment of fruits, meats, and things you can pick at.  I don’t know about you but my kids are pickers.  They also had Sorrento’s pizza by the slice, salads, breads, dessert type snacks, coffees, and other Italian type cuisine.

foodcollage2As you can see, I ate really well.  I should have eaten more. If I ever go back I swear I will eat at two places for every meal just to experience it all!


Honestly, I have never felt so pampered in my life. Everyone was so nice.  The Liberty of the Seas employs over 1,360 people from all nationalities and they are all so nice.  I roomed with Annie from MamaDweeb.com and I am so glad that I got to meet her! Our room attendant was so sweet.  She said we were like her babies.  She explained the Cruise Compass to us which we received every day.  It listed all the things going on that day as well as fun facts and information.  She made up our room twice a day.  We had a full schedule so we left pretty early every morning and we would come back to a sweet smelling perfectly clean room. Sometimes we would come to towel animals!


The food service was amazing as well.  Our servers were some of the funniest, nicest people I have ever met.  They totally went above and beyond.  Anywhere I went I saw smiling happy faces and I will admit that it made me so content.  It is hard not to smile when someone smiles at you so the entire trip I had a dorky grin on my face.  I hope I didnt scare people too much with my dork face selfies I sent to Twitter and Instagram the whole trip.


3. EVENTS!!!

On a Royal Caribbean cruise you will never run out of things to do.  There were too many choices which means it would be great for families.  I know that my husband and I have totally different ideas of fun so while he is at the casino (yes there is an awesome casino) I will be at the climbing wall!  So many fun things to do! There were several Liberty of the Seas shows. The Quest game show was beyond fun.  It is basically a scavenger hunt with teams from the stands. I was jumping up and down in  my seat. I was screaming.  I was begging strange men to give me their pants and dentures.  It was crazy.  We watched the Saturday Night Fever Musical together as a group and while I have never seen Saturday Night Fever, I thought it amazing.  I was totally hooked into the story.  The performers really sold their characters.  There was also an amazing Ice Show that we went to, Encore: An Ice Spectacular.  I knew this trip was going to be great because they had an ice skating rink but I had no idea that I would get to sit and watch these performers do such awesome tricks! There was a woman who did hula hoops while skating.  At one point she had like 30 of them around her and she was still skating around.   One dude did like a double back flip! On SKATES!  I missed the Air show and the Love and Marriage Game Show so I am sad but I heard great things about them!

DreamWorks Experience ● Vitality Spa & Fitness Center ● Three Pools ● Six Whirlpools
Sports Court ● Rock-climbing Wall ● Nine-hole Miniature Golf Course ● FlowRider® surf simulator
Ice Skating Rink ● Jogging Path ● Outdoor Movie Screen ● Video Arcade ● Boutiques ●Art & Photo Gallery

events4.  FUN FOR MOMMY!!!

I went into this cruise thinking that I would have a busy schedule and I wouldn’t have much time for anything else.  I was wrong and I am so glad that I bought the unlimited drink package.  I drank like a fish but I also danced constantly.  All day long.  There was music all over the ship.  You could walk around and just bebop your way through the halls.  I know that doesnt sound relaxing to some people but it was great for me.  I could walk around with a margarita and take dance lessons by the pool.


I danced at the Catacombs nightclub/bar all night every night. Who wouldn’t love a place with awesome Viking like ladies are on the walls? I was consistently impressed with all the artwork and wall inscriptions throughout the entire ship but these were totally my favorites.  I closed the place down at like 4 am every single night.  I danced to as many songs as I can and I definitely got my money’s worth on my unlimited drink packagecatacombsI loved the hot tub as well.  I didnt get to enjoy it until my last day on the ship but it felt so nice.


But the most fun thing that I did that was for me?  Totally for me? And I had to be pretty brave to do it.  I went on the Flow Rider with Kim from What’s That Smell.  We backed each other up.  I surfed and I did well.  I did not crash at all.  I even managed to coast it back over to the guy.  I told him I wanted to wipe out.  Wiping out looked like the best part especially if the person got air going over the dip.  He let me fall in the water and laughed at me.  It was an extremely popular attraction and if I had known how fun it was, I would have been there everyday.



Be on the lookout for more posts from me about my amazing trip and you can see all the posts from my fellow bloggers by following #SeastheDay on Twitter!  There is so much that it is going to take several more posts so I hope you are ready for the awesome!

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