Vitafusion MultiVites Gummies for Adults #HealthyFusion

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Vitafusion MultiVites PLUS

I used to hate vitamins. I know, I am an adult and they are important, but I used to never take any. I totally hated the taste and the texture of the vitamins. Even when I was pregnant I would dread the point of the day that I had to take the vitamins and would always get sick afterwards every day.  During my last pregnancy I discovered prenatal gummy vitamins.  I was amazed and immediately bought some.  I never got sick again.  They are actually pretty good.  After I finished breastfeeding, I moved on to an adult multivatimin.  My husband and I checked out several types of gummy vitamins and we love Vitafusion MultiVites the most.  Recently we got to try out  two kinds of Vitafusion Multivites PLUS products, the MultiVites PLUS Heart Support and the MultiVites PLUS Hair Skin & Nails. Vitafusion is helping people find their “healthy sweet spot,” where health and enjoyment collide through the small, daily activities and habits that help you healthier.


The things I like most about Vitafusion gummy vitamins is that they are all made in the USA with natural flavors. Second I like how they taste.  It doesn’t even seem like you are taking a vitamin.  It is kind of like cheating at being an adult to have such an easy part of your routine.  My husband and I take our vitamins in the morning with a full glass of water.  It is a great way to start the day and it helps you to remember to drink water.  We tell the kids that they are adult medicine and then they have their own children’s gummy vitamins.  It is a good togetherness moment in the morning around breakfast time.


My husband’s grandfather has suffered from heart problems for a long time so learning that Vitafusion makes the MultiVites PLUS Heart Support really makes me feel good.  They are in a cute heart shape.  So adorable.  My husband liked the taste of them but he said that he felt like the hearts may start beating in a crazy horror movie way.  He is such a comedian. Being a nail biter, I was pretty excited for the MultiVites PLUS Hair, Skin, & Nails. I never let my nails get long enough to do anything because they are SOOOO thin that they rip off.  Then I bite the rest of the nail off. It is an ugly habit.  I started taking these almost two weeks ago and I am so hoping for stronger nails. I have been really diligent on not messing with them and I have a full that are over the top of my finger now.  Total win for me.


I think that everyone should take a multivitamin.  Vitafusion MultiVites PLUS makes nutrition taste good by combining the power of vitamins with a great tasting gummy. I believe that you need those supplements and its a great routine to get into.  So why not try a delicious gummy vitamin? Vitafusion has many different vitamin products that everyone should check out.  You can see more about Vitafusion MultiVites at their website.  You can alos


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  1. A multi-vitamin with hair, skin and nails support, too? That is an awesome idea. It cuts down on all the supplements you’d have to take.

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