Saving Money for Father’s Day with Promotional Codes

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My husband hates shopping.  He hates gifts.  He will always say nothing when people ask him what he wants for his birthday or Christmas. So as you can imagine, he is pretty hard to shop for.  My husband works for a really big bank and has to wear nice clothes everyday.  Not suit nice but business casual.  Since he has gained so much weight in last two years, he has three pairs of pants and maybe five shirts that fit him.  I have tried dozens of times to get him to go shopping with me to get him some new clothes but he refused.  So when one of his pairs of pants ripped I seized the opportunity to tell him that we were getting him some new clothes for Father’s Day.  Being an awesome coupon shopper I had to search around for a good deal to use an online VISA giftcard I received on and of course I stopped at has hundreds of thousands of coupons from over 20,000 name brand retailers so I can guarantee you will find some amazing codes for your favorite stores.  I know that I always do.


I decided to go with Macys because they had their friends and family sale going on and I got a super awesome deal on some clothes for my husband.  I clipped that screen shot today though so shoppers can get 20% off their order for the next THREE days.  Get to shopping and let me know which awesome deals you get. Shoppers who use coupons from can save 10%, 20% and even 60% or more off purchases and cash in on free shipping coupons as well.  He wasn’t happy to model his new clothes especially at night but I convinced him that sitting on the back porch at twilight was awesome and romantic.  I got that shirt for $5!  I know.  The pants were only $8 after the discount.  They have a stretchy type of waist and double buttons which are his favorite type of pants. I also found him three more shirts and some dress socks.


I saved so much on his clothes that I decided to spend the rest of my giftcard at Home Depot on a pressure washer.  I checked and yep, has codes for them as well.  The staff at are always working around the clock to update the site with the freshest coupons from all the retailers people love like Home Depot, Travelocity, Dell and  My husband is going to be so surprised.  I didn’t tell him about the pressure washer.  I am going to give it to him on Father’s Day.   And then I will make him pressure wash the driveway on the day after Father’s Day.  I am joking.   Mostly. I am allowed.  Look at his expression in his modeling pictures.  He looks like he would rather die than try on some clothes for me.  He loved them though and he has worn his new stuff every day since we got it in the mail.


You can also find deals on the go with the free App for iPhone or Android.  If you haven’t done your shopping yet for Father’s Day, you should check out their site and let me know what codes you take advantage of.  I may use them for my Daddy who I just now realized that I haven’t gotten anything for yet. Oh no!

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