Visiting Walt Disney’s Office

I think finding out that I was going to visit Walt Disney’s office when I got my invitation to go to LA was what made me have stars in my eyes. Yes really. I am a huge nerd and I love Walt. Then I got to actually do it and it was even better. I had no idea how much work goes into preservation. Like I could go on for hours over how much attention to detail there was. I think in another life I should have been one of those people.

They used photos taken way back to make sure they had everything just exactly the same. They even organized the books in the bookcase exactly the same. Shortly after the passing of Walt, the office was carefully documented with tons of photographs that the archivists used to recreate the space.

We saw his secretary’s office first which makes sense. It had a small desk and a typewriter. Kind of understated but honestly looks a bit like my old desk did when I worked at the college. Then we found out that Walt had a formal office and a working office. He saw people in his formal office but his working office was where he created the magic.

I just keep thinking of the fact that every single piece is there. Like all these knickknacks and pieces of Walt Disney’s life are just there on display in the old Animation building at Walt Disney Studios.

They had this huge wall of pictures of Walt Disney in caricature. It was very neat. I can’t believe how many faces had been created for him.

Yes that is an Olympic torch that Walt carried. And other really cool things I saw that I liked in his office. Honestly I could show you a million pictures because I took so many. It was eye opening and a little bit earth shattering because you always think of Walt Disney as being bigger than life but he was a man. A working man that had an office, that had people play the piano for him, that had a kitchen area and probably ate snacks at his desk like we all do. It made for a wonderful addition to our trip and I hope to see it again someday because I am sure I will see a ton of things I missed the first time.




Author: Kat

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3 thoughts on “Visiting Walt Disney’s Office”

  1. WOW! Getting to see Walt Disney’s office is incredible. He was a genius with all his movies and cartoons. Walt Disney has a great legacy of all the great things he did!

  2. This is a pretty neat experience. I love that they had all the photos to recreate exactly how it was. I would to visit.

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