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I will admit up front that I have always been a huge fan of pirates. I love the thought of sailing the ocean and living free and I especially love the thought of a pirate code. I guess its like the “honor amongst thieves” thing. I like the fact that even though they live beyond the law, they still have laws amongst themselves. So when the first movie, PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: THE CURSE OF THE BLACK PEARL, came out I was smitten immediately. I have probably seen it dozens of times and would still watch it anytime I see it on television. So I became a fan of the franchise. I love how much has spawned from it. We actually kicked off our event at Dave and Busters to find out about the new game, “Disney Crossy Road: Pirates of the Caribbean,” and have lots of fun. The next night we saw the Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales premiere and I walked the teal carpet. I also wanted to give a spoiler free review of the movie! This is definitely a film you need to see on the big screen.

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Captain Jack Sparrow is iconic. Johnny Depp plays his part to perfection every single movie and he does not disappoint in this one. Jack is down on his luck. Literally. Bad luck has followed Jack Sparrow since the last movie ended and his ship is in a bottle, his current ship is in tatters, and his crew have abandoned him. He is lost and gets jailed which is how newcomer to the franchise Henry Turner finds him. Henry is the son of Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann and is on a quest to break his father’s curse so that he can live a normal life on land. It turns out his quest has also led him to Carina Smyth who is also searching for a few things like the trident and her identity. Turns out Captain Salazar also finds Henry and tells him that he is looking for Jack. And we got some great back story on Jack which I have been waiting for all this time.

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All of that in the first bit of the movie and wow. The cinematography, the acting, the soundtrack. Everything that made me love the first movie is back in this one and I can almost forgive the last movie for being not so great. I liked it ok but it definitely wasnt on par with the rest of the movies. THIS ONE, however, is. Its full of life. If you don’t go see this one for Captain Jack being back then you need to see it for Javier Bardem’s portrayal of Captain Salazar. You could feel the hate coming off the screen, the arrogance of the cursed Captain seeking his revenge.

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Another fantastic reason to see this movie is the newcomers to the cast. Henry and Carina play off their respective tales of woe and still stand strong on their quest to find the trident. They both breathe some new life in the film with Henry trying to save his father and Carina trying to find out what her father meant by leaving her his journal and trying to find out who he was. Kaya Scodelario is perfect for this role and it adds a strong female character to the mostly male cast.

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Not that you need another reason to watch it on the big screen but Captain Barbossa is really fantastic in this movie. We have seen his evolution from the villain in the first movie to the eventual most powerful man on the sea. He even has gold and jewels encrusted on his peg leg in this one. He lives a life of opulence but he has to join the fray because Salazar is destroying his ships. But we all know that he is going to look after himself first and foremost so I wasnt surprised that he had a few tricks up his sleeve. I enjoyed seeing his character change throughout the films and this one really made it great because it added some back story to the great Barbossa.

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Go see this movie as soon as it comes out. See it in big screen. It deserves that because it is awe inspiring.

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PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES opens in theaters everywhere May 26th!

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5 thoughts on “Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales Review #PiratesLifeEvent”

  1. I found the first movie so very entertaining. Johnny Depp really created an amazing character. I must admit I was disappointed in the second one. This current movie seems promising, especially with Javier Bardem in the cast.

  2. My husband and I saw the first movie the week of our wedding and we were hooked. We have watched the movies so many times we can probably quote them in our sleep. I am so excited to see this and we already have our tickets for opening night! Thanks for the spoiler-free review. I cannot wait to get some more back story, especially on the man himself, Captain Jack Sparrow.

  3. Johnny Depp made the Captain Jack character so special and truly memorable. I remember how continually amazed I was by what he did in the movie.

  4. These look like good movies but I have not seen any of them. My son is wanting me to take him to see this. I do like Johnny Depp as an actor.

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