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Welcome to this leg of the Veiled Book Tour. All I can say about this book is wow. Well, that’s not all I am going to say but you will have to read on for the rest. Veiled was written by S.B. Niccum and is labeled Speculative Christian Young Adult Fiction. Here is the blurb from the book:
“I have always existed, not just me but all of us, the un-embodied spirits who wait to live.”
Tess is an unborn spirit, who is about to embark on a much awaited journey into mortality to a brand new planet called Earth. She is chosen by the Eternals for an important mission, and is put through rigorous training, which exposes her to some of her darkest fears and insecurities. These experiences, however, enhance her gift as a discerner of thoughts and reader of auras—thus helping her become one of Heaven’s most powerful angels. But even angels falter, and deep inside her, a gnawing fear is growing. Will she meet her soul mate in life? Will their love be strong enough to overcome the forgetting effects of the Veil? And, is she prepared to take on the responsibility of keeping the most dangerous renegade and leader of the Fallen Angels at bay during mortality?
I really enjoyed reading this book. I don’t want to sound like I don’t like religious tones in books but there is only so many ways you can write the same story if you know what I mean. So when I read the info on the book, I was hesitant. I assumed this would be a book about Creation and having a degree from a Methodist college; I have had a ton of religion classes and thus read a ton of books about Creation even a few fictions.  I am so glad I read this one though. It wasn’t the way I expected at all.
The story is told from the view of Tess, who is an unborn spirit. Her and her ‘clan’ are witnesses of the creation of our planet. They are told they will go through the Veil and become humans.  They also all have unique gifts that will help them in their journey.  Tess is a discerner of thoughts and reader of auras but she had to go to classes to better use her gifts like everyone does. I love how unexpected things happen in this book. In order to work on her gifts, Tess volunteers as an angel to watch life on Earth. She encounters many surprises and trials doing this.  
I don’t want to give anything away but I love how Veiled describes disabilities. Tess and the other unborn spirits are invited to take ‘special angel classes’ and they learn about people who have disabilities or handicaps. They are told they will have suffering, perhaps a lifetime of it, but they will better the lives around them. It’s a volunteer opportunity and several of her friends sign up for it. She worries for them but it is their choice. That brings me to another thing I love about this book. I have always believed that we choose our own lot in life.  In Veiled, the spirits are shown several paths before they make their journey and they can choose their path. For example, you can go this road and be rich and famous but you will be very unhappy or you can go this road and have to work hard all your life but you will be happy and have people who love you dearly.
This book was an extremely good read. My only problem was at the end. I was left breathless waiting for more. I was reading the end and I was like, “NOOOO, you can’t leave it like that! I wanna see what happens next!”  I know the author has written a second book but its not out yet. I cannot wait to read it to see what happens to Tess next!
You can find out more about S.B. Niccum on her website as well as on her blog or Facebook.
If you want to buy Veiled, you can purchase it through Amazon in print for 14.99 or the Kindle version for 3.99.  You can also purchase the ebook through Smashwords for 3.99.


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  2. Dear God I have to choose ONE?! Ack, well when I was younger I loved all of the Sherlock Holmes stories, and that still hasn't changed!

  3. My favorite book that I've read in the past few years is The Help. Great giveway. Thanks!lambeaugal(at)charter(dot)net

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