Two Clearasil Products to Banish the Blemishes #ClearasilMom

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My son and I have both been struggling with skin blemishes lately- him because he’s a teen, and teen skin is problematic; and me, because my skin wants to drive me batty even though I am an adult and shouldn’t have to deal with this any more. Sigh. So I was excited to be able to try two of Clearasil‘s most popular face washes- Matthew and I got to try the Daily Clear Hydra-Blast Oil Free Face Wash and the Ultra Rapid Action Gel Wash. Of the two, the Oil-Free Wash is gentle enough for daily use, and the Rapid Gel Wash is more for a rapid response to serious breakouts.


Matthew and I used the Oil-Free Face Wash twice a day for three weeks, switching to the Rapid Gel Wash when it looked like there might be an imminent breakout (those hormones can really swing!). It was an easy routine to establish- I kept it in the shower and it was very simple to use it when getting ready in the mornings while showering. And then in the evenings it was as fast as brushing your teeth- a quick scrub with a washcloth and it was done. Matthew thought it was a pretty easy routine to adopt, too. I liked how gentle the Oil-Free Wash was- it didn’t overly dry my skin. The Rapid Gel Wash was a little more drying the first time or two I used it, but it evened out and really helped keep breakouts under control.  Matthew didnt really like the Rapid Gel Wash because he said the Oil-Free Face Wash felt better on his skin. I trust his instincts but I liked it. It cleared my face up quickly and it was easy to use.


My son doesn’t eat the way some teens do because he is lactose intolerant and is ADHD. So he is not chugging down the sodas or eating a ton of candy. He does, however, go days without taking a shower. I have to beg him to bathe and that (and hormones) is why his skin is not doing as well as it should. I made him consistently bath to try the products and it was like he was a new kid. He smelled much better as well. Just look at how amazing his skin looks in the above picture.


Both these Clearasil products were very effective in treating my acne as well as my son’s. I noticed a definite improvement in my skin as well as his as our test period progressed. I’ve recommended it to a friend who is having skin issues and I’m eagerly awaiting her results! Just look at my picture above. I feel confident enough to go out and about and I even posed for a local mom calendar. You can check twitter for more real-life results using these same products by searching for #ClearasilMom! It’s really worth seeing what the products are capable of!

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