Surprise a Friend with Guardians of the Galaxy

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I am sure everyone has heard of Guardians of the Galaxy by now. It is my new favorite Marvel movie and I know so many others who feel the same.  I have held a party for every single Marvel movie movie release and every Blu-Ray/DVD/HD release like the Guardians of the Galaxy release December 9th. Especially since it will have some cool extras like an exclusive Character O-sleeve and exclusive music zinepack and a 64-page magazine with cast and crew interviews. It will also include exclusive behind-the-scenes photos and trivia PLUS a custom “cassette” laptop decal which I assume is to honor the ‘Awesome Mix.” To say that we are fans is such an understatement. I have a lot of Marvel fans in my life. Super fans. My friend Randy even got a Groot tattoo.

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I was so excited when I heard the movie was coming that I planned a super epic party. I had special themed drinks, I had GOTG themed snacks, and I thought I would have my best friend by my side. Well, it turns out she just HAD to have her baby 5 weeks early and baby Lydia was in the NICU during the time I wanted to have the party.  So she had to miss it. And we missed seeing Eddie Izzard perform.  It was a rough month but we got this little awesome 4 lb bundle out of it.

Guardians of the Galaxy, shop

Since she had to miss out on our epic Guardians of the Galaxy party, I thought I would bring the party to her with some fun GOTG themed merchandise. I think everyone should own this movie and my copy is coming at 10 am on the day it releases.  So will hers. Since I am an awesome friend and I love her, I threw together a gift basket of our favorite characters from the movie and her favorite snacks. She is going to be so surprised.


Do you have a Marvel fan in your life? Do they just LOVE Guardians of the Galaxy? What am I saying? Of course they do. These awesome toys and books are in a great display at Walmart right in the middle of the aisle in front of the toy section.  Some stores may be different though. It is a hodgepodge of amazing though.

Guardians of the Galaxy, shop

Even more awesome is the fact that from 12/7 to 12/13, you get a $5 Walmart gift card when you purchase a Groot, Drax or Rocket Raccoon figure for Disney Infinity 2.0. My son wants these for his game but I couldn’t get them while I was shopping with him because then he would know what I got him. I tried to get him to walk off but for the first time ever he was glued to me in the store.

Guardians of the Galaxy, shop

You can find eve more awesome toys like the ones I got my friend in the toy section at Walmart in the ‘Boy Toy’ section which is ridiculous. Super ridiculous. I love GOTG and I refuse to believe they are ‘boy toys.; I mean really.  They had a few other places where I found GOTG stuff like the book section and a small display of the bigger toys in the middle of the toy section. Its the picture on the right side.

Guardians of the Galaxy, shop

You can #OwntheGalaxy tomorrow!!! Tell me who your favorite character is in the comments!

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34 thoughts on “Surprise a Friend with Guardians of the Galaxy”

  1. Believe it or not, I haven’t watched this movie. But it seems I already know the story.. from everything my friends share.

  2. I got this movie for my son for Christmas, this is a really good movie. My favorite is Peter Quill.

  3. My husband and I are both Marvel fans (minus the toys, of course) and we purchased the movie and it was a really good movie.

  4. I thought it was a great movie. Cant wait for no 2. I loved Groot. He didnt say a lot but his actions were selfless.

  5. I have never seen or read Guardians of the Galaxy. My husband’s a comic book guy, and he always kind of waved them off. Am I missing something epic? I guess I could give the movie a try!

  6. I must live under a rock, because I have never heard of it. I guess I will have to watch it and see what its all about.

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