The Strangest Things Ever Found in Storage Units

If those walls could talk. So many strange and sometimes gruesome things have been found in storage units over the years and if you get involved in a storage unit auction, when you unlock the padlock you might find something rare, interesting or even valuable, or you might find something far less pleasant.

As this interesting collection of strangest things ever found in a storage unit reveals, some winning bidders have struck gold and found valuable coins and precious metals, or even a rare comic book that was worth $1 million.

Others, like the bidder who purchased a meat smoker at a storage auction, was horrified to discover that an amputated leg was included at no extra charge.

Some of the original owners of these storage units have even accidentally locked themselves in with their possessions. If you are fortunate, a passing security guard might hear your cries and let you out but one woman got stuck for an incredible two months before being rescued, having lost half her body weight and surviving on canned food.

Movie fans can sometimes get lucky at these storage unit auctions. Burt Reynold’s storage unit included the infamous canoe from his movie Deliverance and even a full-sized horse carriage, which was a present from Dolly Parton.

Probably one of the strangest celebrity finds was amongst a huge collection of Michael Jackson memorabilia which was seized when the Jackson family didn’t pay the storage bill. Included amongst the interesting array of costumes and records was a sketchbook used by Jackson, which contained a variety of sketches of noses.

Many James Bond fans would have loved to have swapped places with the Long Island contractor who paid $100 for the contents of a storage container in 1989. Amongst the contents was a Lotus Esprit submarine which famously featured in the movie The Spy Who Love Me.

If you plan to bid at a storage unit auction, part of the fascination and excitement is the fact that you really never know what you are going to find when you open the door. Check out this infographic from Smart Space with the Strangest Things Ever Found in Storage Units and be amazed.


Strangest Things in Storage Units

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  1. Wow this is interesting never know what you can expect from storage units, I watch those storage wars shows and I know that some of the units are placed with good items, that may of been found or need to be found to keep the ratings up,but the leg, is just gross, I missed that Judge Mathias one, ugh

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