Play Like Hasbro with these new Favorites #PlayLikeHasbro

Disclaimer: I was provided products to review as a #PlayLikeHasbro Mom. As always, all opinions are my own.


Hasbro makes some really fun toys and games for all different age levels- and I got the chance to try out a pretty wide range, for my baby Moriah, my preschooler Elijah, and my big boy Matthew. I was curious to see if I could actually get toys to engage and interest all three of my kids with such a wide age difference. I selected a toy for each child from a list that Hasbro provided me, and I actually think I did really well with my choices!


I got the Baby Alive for Moriah. With its soft cuddly body, it makes a fantastic first baby doll. Moriah really loved being able to feed her baby doll and cuddle it. She really engaged with it and it was clear she found it to be a really fun and very appealing toy. So big hit there! I think she liked the bottle most of all. She was never really bottle fed so it was kind of a new thing for her.


She was feeding it and changing its diaper immediately. Her brother helped a lot. He really wanted the Baby Alive. He is pretty good at taking care of his little sister so I should have known he would want a baby.


Elijah got the Fur Real Friends Kitten(Lil’ Big Paws Peek-A-Boo Daisy) complete with a bottle to feed it. Elijah really got into it- he loved feeding the kitten its bottle- and the kitten reacts and responds to being fed and petted by purring, meowing, and by slurping the bottle when it gets fed. It has really soft fur, and a cute face, which makes it fun to interact with. Another big hit! You can see the top picture that they both were cradling their ‘babies’ and feeding them together.




He introduced it to his robot dog right away. He told him that they were going to be best friends even though his kitty didnt walk. He then tried to feed his robot dog his kitten’s food. He loved his new kitty so much that he took it with us to the doctor. Elijah is not a cuddle me baby. He has never been huge into one toy or another so taking a toy from home with him is a big deal.



My big kid Matthew got the Crocodile Dentist game. Let me tell you, this is a game for adrenaline addicts. The game is dead-simple and easy to explain and play- no complicated rules or turns. Just take it out of the box and you’re ready to go! You take turns pushing down the crocodile’s teeth one at a time, until you trigger the mouth to suddenly snap shut! It’s a gentle snap, but man-o-man does it pack a surprise! My nieces actually came over to play it with him and we were all dying from suspense waiting for that mouth the SNAP shut! I love the fact that adults will enjoy playing this will even little children- it’s goofy and fun and suspenseful. But it’s so easy to understand how to play, and NO SMALL PIECES! Total bonus.


So I think I did good! All three of my kids loved their toys and game, and I managed to get us all to #PlayLikeHasbro!  What Hasbro toys are you looking forward to playing with this Spring?

Author: Amy

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