The Hard Choice -Shameless Season 1

So have you ever had to make a really tough choice? I have been watching a lot of Shameless Season 1 lately so that I will be all caught up for the new season. The Gallagher family is one of the most dysfunctional families out there. I always feel so bad for Fiona. She is forced at a very young age to be responsible for her brothers and sisters and always trying to make ends meet. She is given a choice at the end of the 1st Season to run away with Steve to beautiful Costa Rica. I really thought she was going to do it but she decided at the last minute to stay with her family. I almost cried but then again, I am a crier. So she went back to her crazy life and crazy family because she loved them too much to leave.

I have never had to make a choice like that. I mean everyone dreams about having no responsibilities and I will say I have prayed that I would win some money (not a million, that comes with too much extra hassle) so that I could take some time off and do nothing. I would drop the kids at grandmas and just go. But in the end I would always come back. I love my kids and no one could raise them like I can. So while its fun to dream, responsibility is just another word for love and I am fine with that.

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Shameless – ‘We Have a Proposition’

I have been hired by Warner Bros. WBWord division to promote Shameless Season One on DVD.

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