Staying Connected with Verizon Wireless Prepaid

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I get the lovely compliment a lot that I don’t look like I have a teenager. It’s flattering but the truth is there everyday when I look up and see his sweet dimpled face towering a foot over me. I’m getting older and he’s 18 now. He will be leaving for college soon. It’s all so sad and I worry he will never come visit. I’m glad we have cell phones to keep connected and I’m glad we have the Verizon pre-paid plan for him so that he can be grown up.

My mom bought all the grandkids prepaid phones when they were like 12 so they could text their friends. She added them to her plan a few years ago though and said when they turned 18 they would be old enough to pay for their own service. So we had to search for a good affordable service for my son. My husband and I have had Verizon for almost 16 years but I don’t think my son is old enough to have a plan. And honestly I think pre-paid plans are way cheaper!

Did you know that all plans include unlimited talk and text in the US, and the 5G nationwide network. There is even free text to 200 international locations. They even have some really great prepaid phones! My husband really likes the Samsung phones but my son wanted an iPhone like me. They had this beautiful iPhone 12 listed in several colors. And the camera on it is amazing! It has a Superfast 5G A14 Bionic, the fastest chip in a smartphone.

I think it’s a great program with super great phones. Right now, you can get a FREE month of Verizon Prepaid Service plus up to $75 off at! Keep your family connected even if your teenagers just stare at their phones the whole time you eat.

Author: Kat

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2 thoughts on “Staying Connected with Verizon Wireless Prepaid”

  1. Except its scattered service. Unlimited with prepaid is only when contract customers are not flooding the service. High usage of contract customers slows or completely stops the prepaid users from being able to use data. You just sit there with a loading screen. My data usage is less than half of what I use to use when I was on contract. If you have internet and have wifi you will have better service but when you use your phone as your computer and internet it sucks.

    1. I am sorry you had a bad experience! We havent had any issues with it but we do have wifi in our house so that may be why.

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