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I have always been a very light sleeper and its something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy much less my children but the two youngest have it. They usually go to bed on time but they are up before dawn most days if they don’ t get up a dozen times in the night. Sometimes I catch them at 3 am playing on their tablets or watching tv instead of laying back down. It is a battle. Its also a battle in that I work two jobs so I rarely home when they get off the bus. They play online too much to be so addicted to need it in the middle of the night. I was offered the chance to review the Circle Home Plus device and app subscription and I jumped on it. My kids need to stop staring at screens so much.

I want to start off with saying this was one of the easiest apps I ever set up and it was kind of fun to choose all the different settings for each kid. Yes, even my teenager. He also has a problem staying up too late and with him working at the national park now, he has to be up at 5:40 am. So I don’t feel too bad about setting bed time for him. Each kid has their own profile with what’s allowed and what bedtime/wake time is best for them. And the best thing is my daughter cant overturn it like she can screen time on her ipad. She knows how to reset her tablet which allows her to do whatever and is smarter than I am at technology.

CircleⓇ Home Plus

CircleⓇ Home Plus is the #1 comprehensive screen time management solution, Circle is committed to making families’ lives better, online and off. They envision a world where families find balance, set healthy limits, build good habits, and get the best out of their digital experiences, rather than being consumed by them. Circle’s screen time management and parental controls solution is the easiest way to manage all your family’s connected devices—everywhere—and keep kids safe online.

So far we have been doing well with it. It has caused a few meltdowns but that’s to be expected with kids sometimes. Especially with one with autism. I think they are all getting more sleep and they are hanging out with each other more. Just the other day we got the two littles to watch a movie with us and when the teenager got home, he even joined us! Its been a long time since we got a whole movie out of all the kids. And I can turn it off and on during certain hours of the day. They have e-learning days at school and sometimes have homework so its been easy to make sure they are doing what they are supposed to do while I am out of the house for work and their dad is working from home not able to check on them constantly.

Rewards are a fun little extra that Circle Home Plus features within the app. Rewards include extended time limits, late bedtimes, and a disabled off time which can be sent to any of your children’s profiles and must be redeemed within 1 day. My kids have really liked earning them and its cute what they say to get extra ones. I really like how it helps them not overdo it and they spend more time being kids.

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