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Do y’all remember my son’s fashion review last month about the fantastic new children’s clothes website FabKids? They are the fantastic new ‘one click’ shopping experience to find fresh new clothes for your kids at a great price!


We have been wearing the fool out of the first outfit we chose and it’s really holding up so well! So I was so excited to get my second outfit delivered straight to my door last week. I loved so many of the outfits that I had a hard time choosing! I was looking for a great outfit for fall that would be perfect for pictures and special occasions (hello, Thanksgiving!) but also hold up to playing outside- you know how kids can be! Rough on clothes! I managed to narrow my choices down to two great outfits- the Denim Ice Master, with its gorgeous blue checked shirt and stylish dark-blue denim jeans, and the Blue Coach Outfit– with such a vibrant green plaid shirt and those trendy blue cargo pants (I knew had to have those jeans either way- they are perfect with their little upturned cuffs, visible seams, and double pockets!).


I’m so glad to be able to choose from clothes I know from experience are tough and will hold up when the kids are playing or getting grubby. I’m equally glad that I’m not having to sacrifice stylish, smart-looking clothes that will look great at school or daycare- especially for picture days! I also love that I have so many pieces I can switch out with each other and they’ll still match. No more rushing around looking for that matching half of an outfit they need! I can just substitute another piece and have confidence they’ll go beautifully. These clothes are washable and durable and won’t fade in the laundry, so their vibrant colors will be sure to keep on matching!

fabkids, childrens clothing, kids fashion

So are you curious as to which outfit I ended up choosing? In the end, I let my son break my stalemate- he chose the Denim Ice Master- and here he is rocking his outfit!!! He looks like such a grown up little man in his fabulous new gear- it actually made me cry!

fabkids, childrens clothing, kids fashion

Have you joined the FabKids VIP Club yet? Your first complete outfit is just $15 with free shipping and free exchanges! What are you waiting for? Sign up and grab your child a fantastic new outfit at a fantastic price just in time to show off at Thanksgiving! To find out more about Fabkids, you can follow them on Twitter  and Facebook

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