SmartBones Rawhide-free chews for awesome dogs who chew #SmartBonesChews

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I’ve been soooo late with this review, but I have my reasons. I received SmartBones NO RAWHIDE Vegetable Chicken and Beef Chews, Stuffed Twistz, and Butcher’s Cut Bones a few weeks ago for review From PetMatrix. I was excited to try them out because I don’t EVER give my dogs rawhide, but I do like the longevity of something like rawhide, which can keep a dog chewing for some time. Since rawhide is so dangerous for dogs, however, I never buy it. So the idea that someone has developed a vegetable-based rawhide-like chew for dogs was really appealing. I was really anticipating my delivery to try out with my dogs.


I have three dogs, two of whom are serious chewers, and one of those has cheerfully done significant damage to a remote control and a metal eyeglasses case. Winston has crazy strong jaws for a 20ish pound dog, and it’s important that we keep him occupied with long-lasting chews that are hard and have some staying power. Molly is my other chewer, but I run into the exact opposite issue with her- she is older and has had half a dozen teeth pulled to date, and absolutely CANNOT chew on hard bones and the like any more, even though she adores them and will cheerfully chew on them despite her teeth situation. So far the best I’ve been able to do are hard rubber chewing toys for dogs, but it’ serially hard to find stuff to put in them that will last.


When I got my box, of course my dogs loved them and I found that it kept them so busy I was handing them out fairly frequently. Before I knew it (and before I snapped any pics) they had been through all three bags of treats, and LOVED all three. But there was one variety that really was incredibly helpful for me, and that was the mini sized SmartBones bones. They fit perfectly (with a bit of wiggling) into the rubber chew toys I have, and they STAYED in there, so the dogs could chew the toy and chew the toy and then eventually get the SmartBones mini bones, which would than take some work for them to chew. And I could give one directly to Molly, who would be unable to remove the SmartBones, and she could safely chew on it for a good little bit and be so happy!


So back to the store I went. I was preparing for a trip and wanted to leave the sitter these bones so she could keep the dogs entertained. I figured I’d write this review once I got back and I could take some pics of the chews in action. But when I got home from my vacation, they’d gone through them all! So back to the store I went, and got a third bag, and handed them out. Winston has been hardcore chewing on his toy full of SmartBones mini bones for a good half hour, and I know he will have worn himself out so that he won’t chew destructively.

There are a lot of things I review and like, and use again on occasion. But never have I ever run back to the store back-to-back to get more of the product not just to review, but because it was exactly what I needed and had been looking for. This is for sure something we will continue buying and using- they’re fantastic!

I have these SmartBones two big and enthusiastic thumbs-up. My dogs would too, but they lack thumbs!

Author: Amy

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  1. Your dogs are just adorable. These rawhide free dog chews look great to give my dog. She would love one of these. I will have to get her a bag!

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