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I recently worked with KC Masterpiece on a great summer recipe for my family and I learned that they are helping with a fantastic cause, the Folds of Honor Foundation. I have so many family members in the military so I truly believe in helping where I can.  This foundation helps by granting scholarships and financial assistance to families of those American servicemen who were killed or disabled in action.  The picture below is my grandfather.  All my great-uncles were also in the military in several different branches.  Now that I think about it, my family is represented in EVERY branch of the military.  My father, who is the best man I know, was in the Navy like his father before him. Please help with this great cause!


If you will text “Thanks” to 66937 you will be helping those military families that have lost a loved one in action or had a family member disabled. KC Masterpiece will donate up to $1.00 for every text up to $100,000.


The Folds of Honor Foundation was founded in 2007 to grant scholarships and other financial assistance to the families of American servicemen killed or disabled in action. Since its inception, the foundation has awarded over 3,800 scholarships, helping to ensure that the sacrifices of so many are immortalized through opportunities provided to a new generation. KC Masterpiece will be supporting Folds of Honor this summer by donating $1 for each of you that  text “THANKS” to 66937.1167441_10100460425475656_727930772_o

Also, if you shop at Walmart, be on the look out for an in-aisle display promoting the campaign.

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