Scoring Great Deals with Zookt


One of my few vices (ha, who am I kidding) is playing online games.  I have insomnia so I am often up late and I am sitting here at the computer yelling at whatever game I am currently playing!  I really like BINGO even though I am convinced if I think of the number I need, it will NEVER be called.  They have a new online gaming site, ZOOKT, and it looks really awesome!  It combines my two favorite online things, getting deals and playing games! They have a huge list of discounted items and you can play games to try to bid on them and win the deals!
So basically after you sign up, you get 100 Zooks when you register! You can use your Zooks to bid on items and these aren’t small, cheap items. I am talking about iPods and laptops and other really awesome things! You shop for the deal you want then you get to choose which game you want to play, Hearts, Bingo, or Random Color and you pay a small entry fee to play for your deal.  There are also ways to get free Zooks!You can earn Zooks from referrals because anyone who shares Zookt with friends earns 30 Zooks. Even more awesome is if your referred friends play Zookt within a week, you can earn 2500 Zooks! Every game that you win or lose, you can earn free Zooks.  Plus, you can get more Zooks by providing feedback at the end of every game.


Here is an example of the weekly deals! Aren’t these some awesome items?  I was really surprised at how easy it is to accumulate Zooks on here.

Wanna check it out for yourself?  Just sign up for free HERE and start playing. You can also check out their Facebook page or watch the Intro Video.

I was compensated for this post about Zookt as a campaign through Karma Media, but as always, all opinions are my own!

Author: Kat

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