Rubbermaid BRILLIANCE Food Storage Containers for the Unorganized Home #StoredBrillantly

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I like to tell people that my life is organized chaos. I am lying though. Its just chaos. I have no idea which way is up anymore. I started a new side job about 8 weeks ago and I still haven’t gotten my ducks in a row about things at home. I never considered how much I do during the day until I wasn’t home to do it anymore. Like blog work. I am sure you all have noticed that I have been posting so much less. I always thought I did most of my work at night. The thyroid problems and chronic urticaria have not helped because they are keeping me in a constant state of tiredness and have added about 10 extra doctors appointments a month. Another thing I haven’t been doing is meal prep. I was never great at it but I did use to plan my weekly grocery trips and make my husband lunches to take to work.  That is why we were stoked to review the new Rubbermaid BRILLIANCE Food Storage Containers  which I have now dubbed for being for the Unorganized Home.

They are gorgeous! Seriously the best food containers I have ever owned and I hope they are sparkling clean and clear forever because I plan on using them that long. I saw that the design was stain and odor resistant and I fell in love. They come in five sizes and they sent me a 10 piece set to try out. And they come with a 100% leak proof guarantee. Who else offers that?

Perfect seal, easy to close, and you can even hear it closing tightly. I just love the clean cut design of them as well.They were designed with innovative vents that allow microwaving with the lid on and latches open to help reduce splatters and they were crafted with heat resistant BPA free material. And did I mention they are stackable? Perfect for my unorganized mess of a home.  One of my best tips for unorganized people is to have good organization products and I never thought that included food storage until I received these.

Now you might wonder what kind of meal prep my husband has decided to do for me since I have been the one leaving early in the mornings and he hasn’t with his new job. Check out this lunch he made me.

Yep that is pizza, chips, and cereal. Well the cereal is my snack and I do usually munch on it but pizza really honey? It was still really fresh though so it tasted great. He did make me some grapes and watermelon as well but I am still stuck on his pizza meal prep. But it works for us and that is what matters.

Now that is my kind of lunch prep above in my lunch bag. Chicken and rice, chips for snack, green beans, and corn on the cob in the bottom container. And grapes. I always have some kind of fruit because I would seriously not be able to make it through the day without it. Besides I am supposed to be following a certain diet and while I cheat on it with rice, I never cheat on my fruit portions. Just like I am never going to cheat on my new Rubbermaid BRILLIANCE containers. And I honestly do have a secret container of chocolates in my desk drawer now. It even fits a little scoop so I don’t have people asking to put their hands in my snacks. Not that I share often. That’s another tip I give people who are unorganized. Force yourself to think ahead about food prep. If you don’t have time to do a big grocery shop, do one for just snacks and then a few days later do one for meals. We have all had those weeks.

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