Rocking with the Jabra Solemate Review #SetSoundFree

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I just got back from a trip to Maryland and Washington, D.C. with my family. It is a 12 hour trip without stops driving from Alabama and there were stops every hour or so because my dad has diabetes and I have a 4 month old who hates the car.  It took us about 15 hours. It was probably the worst drive of my life second only to return trip home which somehow took 17 hours.  The reason it was so awful is the lack of tunes!!! My husband borrowed his grandparents van for the trip and their radio is completely broken.  The AV function didn’t even work so we couldn’t use our iPods or iPhones.  A few days after I left on my trip (we were there for 8 days) I got the notification that I received a super awesome product to try out which is why I know the universe laughs at me sometimes.  It was the amazing Jabra Solemate, a portable speaker.  Ha ha ha, universe.

jabra solemate

My husband has been the most excited for the Jabra Solemate. He says it is the best thing ever to bring into our workout room to play music while we are exercising on the bike or lifting weights.  He wasnt as convinced before we got it though. We found out about the Jabra #SetSoundFree contest going on until Sept 9th, I did a post about it,  and I told him that I really wanted to get the black Solemate since they come in white and black.  He said that it was probably too big to do anything with and he doubted he would like it.  He is eating crow now because he uses it more than I do. Its the coolest design ever.  It is shaped like the bottom of a shoe on the bottom and very versatile.  It is scratch resistant and it comes with a great splash proof drawstring bag that I have already used while the kids played in the sprinkler.

solemate4My favorite thing about the Jabra Solemate is that it talks to you.  I wonder why more electronics dont? You turn on the bluetooth and it tells you how to connect and then when you connect it to your smartphone, MP3 player, tablet, laptop, or anything that can play music it says it is connected.  You can connects via Bluetooth or the cord stored neatly in the bottom. I also like how it makes this low bass noise when you turn it off or on.  According to its specs, it has a strong, deep bass from an integrated subwoofer and rich, vibrant acoustics from dual tweeters, the Solemate sounds great at any level. It goes up to 120 dB SPL* (at 0.5).  I connected it to my phone and my kids thought it was great how I could turn it up and down through my phone controls or through the controls on top of the Solemate. I also like how if a call comes through I can answer it and talk through the Solemate. This function makes me think about another awesome Jabra product, the Jabra Freeway.

jabra solemate

You can purchase the Jabra Solemate in Black on Amazon for $123.20 or you can purchase it in White on Amazon for $149.55. You can also purchase on Dell and on Best Buy.

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