Aurorae Yoga Sport Bag Review

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My husband and I are always at odds when it comes to the ways we want to lose weight. He thinks he needs to do tons of reps with his weights and I think I need to do aerobics.  We are probably both a little right but either way we both use our spare room to work out it.  Its kinda tiny and used to be an office before we converted it. Now it has an old exercise bike, tons of old free weights, and two newish yoga mats. I may actually hate that room now by association.  When it comes down to it I think I work better in a group.  I think I work better seeing others push themselves so I love to go to class. My favorite is my pole dancing class but since I injured my foot doing the fireman swing in stilettos I havent went back.  The one thing I hate about class is that I have to lug all my stuff all the way around the building to the place where they teach the individual classes.


I was sent a great product to help me get myself into better shape and stop losing things at the gym. The Aurorae Yoga Mat Sport Bag/Multi Purpose Crossbody Sling Backpack is great. I can attach my yoga mat to it. I can fit everything I need into it. The Aurorae Yoga Backpack is like a bag of plenty. Like seriously I carried my gym clothes, a towel, my keys, my phone, two granola bars, and two bottles of water in it easily. There are two large main pockets and tons of other little spaces.  There is a space on the strap for your phone and a handy dandy mesh pocket you can slide your yoga mat into before strapping it to make extra sure it doesn’t fall off. It has a water bottle pouch and a zipper in front which is just perfect for your keys and ID.  It also comes in some great colors like green, purple, red, blue, and ebony! As you can see I received the blue one and I just love how heavy duty it is. My toddler has already appropriated it several times for his adventures around the house ‘collecting’ random things for his ‘happy bag’.  I am extremely happy with my new bag and my car appreciates it as well since I inevitably used to always leave half my gym stuff scattered all over my car.


If you want to check out Aurorae Yoga, you should peek in on their Facebook page, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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