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I recently told all of you about our Color and Glow Event that was happening in Atlanta, Georgia on July 12th.  My team was so excited to be able to run.  Glow paint and light up sticks, whats not to love? We wanted to be the glowiest though.  I just made that up so no judging.  I talked to about what the best night run products are and they delivered in a HUGE way! They totally know how to get the night run vibe happening and they sponsored an awesome giveaway before my run!  I had an absolute blast!

My team were the belles of the ball at the Atlanta Color and Glow Event.  Everyone kept stopping us and asking where we got our cool glow stuff from.  About 40 people high fived me when we were running and told me I was awesome.  I have never felt like such a popular person.


I was rocking my braids.  I had glow clips on the ends of each one and the sides of my glasses.  We all used the glow clips as earrings as well. I really hope everyone could see how awesome we were by the hashtag #Glow5kATL.   We posted tons of fun pics all night long.  It has been a long time since I have had that much fun.


We totally owe it all to  I swear I lost my team a dozen times amongst all the people but I was able to find them because we were the only ones with Pink LED Bouncy Noodle Hair Clips with Pink Ribbons.  I just looked for the people who glowed the most.  We also had these cool glow batons that changed colors.  We made some friends in the start up line when we gave them some.  They were really appreciative.


It was so hot that night but we trudged on and did our 5k.  They didnt have a finish line (whyyyyyy Atlanta?) so we dont know what our exact time was but I am pretty sure it took us 45 minutes to walk it counting all the times we stopped to get sprayed.  Which was a lot.  We were covered by the end.  Here is a before and almost to the end pic of two of my teammates.

colorandglow14As for me? I was tired, sweaty, and dirty.  I was sprayed in the face with paint (accident, I leaned down at the wrong moment in the after party), I accidentally swallowed some paint that they were throwing off the stage in the after party, and I had a rock in my shoe for like 5 minutes.  I was happy for a long time after this event.

I totally love for helping us make our night magic. Thank you so much!


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    1. We didn’t get home till 4 am since we had to travel to ATL but it was so worth it. We had so much fun.

  1. I now have to do this run (even though I don’t run). What a blast it must have been! Plus, who doesn’t like neon lights and glow sticks?!

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