When I heard about PROBAR and thought about other protein bars I had tried in the past, I quite naturally thought healthy = yucko, but surprisingly the ProBar items were edible. More than just edible they tasted great! They sent me an assortment of products shown in the picture below. I got some PROBAR Core Protein Bars, PROBAR Bolt Organic Energy Chews, and PROBAR The Real Whole Food Bars.


The Real Whole Food Bar was not great the first time I tried it so I gave most of it to my husband to eat. When I got my courage up and tried a second bar it turned out to be a totally different flavor and I found that I really liked it. The berry blends and the coconut are my favorites so far. I think my dislike of the first bar was based on the fact that I don’t really enjoy cocoa flavor but my husband certainly did. The Real Whole Food Bar comes in a case of 12 and contains one bar each of Original Blend, Whole Berry Blast, Superfood Slam, Superfruit Slam, Superberry & Greens, Chocolate Mint, Oatmeal Raisin, Koka Moka, Superfruit Slam, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, Double Chocolate, and Peanut Butter!  I am excited to keep trying out the different flavors.


According to my mother who tried them for me (I actually had an allergic reaction once to an energy drink so I am hesitant to try energy products), the New PROBAR Bolt™ chews were DELICIOUS and she claims she could actually feel the energy boost. She snuck them all out of the house so my daddy, nieces, and nephew couldnt eat them up and put them in her work desk for afternoons when her energy bottoms out. She is a computer tech as well as a blogger so she sometimes runs all day long! The PROBAR Bolt Chews come in Berry Blast, Strawberry, Orange and Raspberry.

The ProBar Core is a 20gram Protein Bar that is Gluten Free and contains Chia and Flax Seeds.  The Core variety pack comes in a box of 12 and contains three bars each of  Mint Chocolate, Peanut Butter Chocolate, Brownie and Cookie Dough PROBAR Core™ bars! My husband tried the Brownie Crisp and he liked it. He said it wasnt too chewy like some protein bars. It had a healthy flavor that wasnt too overwhelming and it did help curb the hunger cravings while he was out camping with our older son.

You can connect with PROBAR on the following links:


PROBAR has graciously offered to be one of our great sponsors of the Greet the Spring Giveaway! They are giving away  one box of PROBAR, worth approx. $35.50 to one winner from Canada or US.

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