Paul the Male Matchmaker

Hulu has a new show named Paul the Male Matchmaker. I have to tell you that I thought the first episode was super silly. I wanted to be offended but it was too funny. Paul inherited a matchmaking company from his Aunt Cathy and while he is ‘happily’ married to a rich woman, he wanted to give the company a go. He is so honest with the women he is trying to help. In fact, he is too honest. In the first episode, he gets slugged by one woman which I laughed so hard at.  If you haven’t seen Paul the Male Matcher, you can see the first 10 episodes of Season 1 on Hulu by clicking HERE.

In Season 1 Episode 3, Jillian who is played by Lisa Edelstein (who I adore from her time on House) seeks out Paul’s advice on how to get back into the dating world after being in a 4 year relationship with her ex-boyfriend. In this episode Jillian gets matched up with a ‘dummy’ for a date. I can see where he is going with this. I fully believe that all my exes were dummies and myself for dating them. I had an ex that every time I wore makeup, he would tell me how lovely I was and maybe I should wear makeup everyday. This is why I love my husband because he hates when I wear makeup. He says I prettier without it. Paul is so funny though in the fresh way he thinks about setting people up. I cannot stop laughing at each episode.

I have been hired by Warner Bros WBWord division to raise awareness for Paul the Male Matchmaker

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