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Passion Creek Book Review

Passion Creek by Avery Flynn

I have, for lack of a better word, a passion for romance novels and I knew I would love writing a book review on Passion Creek by Avery Flynn. I especially love the ones that aren’t afraid to get really sexual with it.  Avery Flynn is amazing when it comes to getting her characters into the action of the scene whether it be a steamy sex scene, running from danger, or saving the day. This book is full of so many super charged sex scenes that I felt a little guilty reading it at work.

Josie was a Las Vegas cocktail waitress who dreamed of being a painter until a loan shark starts nosing around her trail and demanding she pay 40k for her brother’s debts. She meets Sam Layton in a bar like the best kind of fate. Unfortunately, he thinks it was more than chance that they met because she is heading to the town he lives in. He thinks she is just another treasure hunter. After all, she has the map for Rebecca’s Bounty, a treasure he had spent his lifetime looking for. They clash right from the start with angry arguments and amazing sex. They have the best kind of tension in the beginning while they try to work out their differences so I knew the rest of the book was going to be amazing and I wasnt disappointed.  The secondary characters are well worked out and I knew I had to read the other books in the series just to find out about the rest of the Layton family especially his sexy older brother. I would give this book two thumbs up if I wasnt busy rereading it for the second time.


Passion Creek

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