Nutrisystem and Me -Week 5

I am the world’s worst procrastinator. Well, maybe not the worst. I can point a few fingers but we all know that’s not very nice (point, point). So I have been exercising so well these last couple of days. So well that I have made all my muscles seize up. Literally. I cant even lift my arms above my head from doing planks and pushups. My ab muscles scream when I try to twist in my computer chair at work from crunches. I am falling apart.

Enough complaining though. I am here. I am alive and I feel great. I take my vitamin everyday, I take my probiotic everyday, and I take my Viviscal (hair supplement). I never take the elevator and I dont drink soda unless we are out at a restaurant. I usually get tea at restaurants anyways.  I just wonder why I cant lose weight?  I know its not the Nutrisystem food because Big E is losing weight consistently.  I think my body just hates me.

My scale  🙁

Week  5 Totals:
Kat                                                                                   Big E
Wk4 Starting Weight                                            Wk4Starting Weight
168 lbs                                                                                203 lbs

Week Loss/Gain                                                   Week Loss/Gain
+2.8                                                                              2.2 lbs

Ending Weight                                                      Ending Weight
170.8 lbs                                                                         200.8 lbs 

Total Loss from Week 1:                                  Total Loss from Week 1:
3.2 lbs                                                                            19.2 lbs

I think I am finding all the weight Big E is losing.  On a happier note, I can fit in a size 10 pair of jeans I havent seen in ages. I have lost another half inch on my arms, an inch around my waist, and an inch around my hips.  So even if I am not losing weight, I am losing inches and that is great!   Especially for my old, forgotten wardrobe.

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Author: Kat

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