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I was given the opportunity to try out the all-in-one supplement created by AltoViva specifically for my blood type. Many people looking to optimize their health take a daily regimen of multivitamin, pro-biotics, and herbal supplements to help support their immune and digestive health. It can be a lot to keep up with. Just the other day I totally think I doubled up on my B12, Vitamin C, and Biotin because I couldn’t remember if I had already taken them. I have a terrible memory. AltoViva Supplements wanted to simplify that regimen, and developed a single supplement in the form of a beverage mix to provide all that and more without having to deal with multiple bottles and pills to take. AltoViva optimizes their different formulas to specific blood types- and they concentrate on promoting gut health as well as immune system health, since they are both intertwined in terms of immune response.

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Since their formulations depend on blood type, they offer an inexpensive blood typing kit if you’re not sure what yours is. I already knew mine, O, so I was able to go ahead and get their O type supplement. According to their research, O types need extra help with carbohydrate digestion, extra nutritional support without added calories, and extra vitamin K. O types are the best. I only say that because everyone in my family except my husband are type O. All the kids got my type which is weird but I am not great with genetics (I made a very low B) so I guess that is just how it is.


The directions are to take a scoop twice a day mixed with a cold beverage, like fruit or vegetable juice or a green smoothie. I’ll be honest, the flavor of the beverage drink wasn’t super palatable when mixing it with plain fruit juice. It just wasn’t getting it for me unless it was a strawberry-banana-beet one. But once I switched to adding it to a green smoothie it was absolutely fine, I could barely tell it was there. I feel great- very healthy, and my energy is good. And I’ve managed to avoid catching the strep and the stomach bug that half my household has come down with! It was nice to be able to take all the stuff I need to help support optimal health in a single step, rather than having to remember to take several supplements. I always take the AltoViva when I drink a smoothie after my “after-workout” shower.

If you’d like to see how AltoViva could help you maximize your health and streamline your supplement regimen, I’ve got a special coupon offer for you! Just use the coupon code GoodHealth to knock $50 off the price of a month’s supply!

Find out more about AltoViva and what it could do for you by checking their website or by checking social media using the hashtag #AltoViva. You can visit AltoViva on Facebook, Twitter with @AltoViva, and Instagram. They also have an Google + page and Pinterest.  So many different ways to find out more things about this awesome new supplement system!

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