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I was recently invited to take the DirectDrive app for a literal test-drive- it’s an app designed by Direct Auto Insurance to help promote safe driving habits in a fun, competitive way. It allows you to log your driving trips using the app, and it will then score the trip based on your speed, acceleration and deceleration, how many miles logged, the distance of your trip, etc. It’s a neat little app and will let you know how you’re doing on each trip without having to register. But it won’t let you access the leaderboards or log your trips unless you register the app. That’s not too big a deal- I went ahead and registered so I could log my trips and see how I was doing.  You can get it from the Apple Store or Google Play.


I’ve got some screenshots of the app in use- you can see a point breakdown and trip overview where you get direct feedback on how that specific trip was in terms of your driving. You can also see the different badges you can earn- I’ve gotten 5 so far, and there are plenty more I can earn. Each trip is also given a monetary value that I think will give you cash back if you’re a safe driver and a policy holder- it looks like you can request a check once your balance hits $25. This is a really neat incentive to drive safely!


You do have to get a quote from Direct Insurance, earn rewards, and share your experience on Facebook in order to participate on the leaderboards and really get everything out of this app that it offers. But signing up may save you money- it helps to show around when it comes to insurance!


DirectDrive is having a really great sweepstakes! From Feb. 2 – April 14, 2015 Direct Auto Insurance is hosting the DirectDrive Challenge. If new users download the app, get a quote, log their drives and share their score on Twitter using #DirectDriveScore, they will have the chance to enter both a contest and a sweepstakes! You can read the full rules here.

Ten contest winners will receive a $50 Walmart gift card and the one sweepstakes winner will receive at $1,000 Walmart gift card. In addition, the first 100 users to share a score on Twitter using #DirectDriveScore will automatically receive a $20 Walmart gift card.  So what are you waiting on? Go save some money!

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