My Adventures with #BoursinCheese

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I have always loved Boursin cheese. I saw it at Costco once and I told my husband that I had to have it. To be fair, I was six months pregnant at the time and I really wanted some crackers. So when I was offered the chance to throw a little cheese get together, I was super happy. I could not wait! I decided to try Boursin Garlic & Herbs Spreadable Cheese and Boursin Shallot & Chive Gournay Cheese. Boursin is a creamy, spreadable brand of Gournay cheese invented by Francois Boursin in 1957. 


If you have not seen Boursin in your grocery store before it may be because it is with the deli cheeses. I found mine in a case near the deli counter where the fresh mozzarella and Parmesan cheeses were in small packages. I decided on the Garlic & Herbs flavor because it is my favorite. It was the first one I tried and I get it often. The Shallot & Chive just sounded good to me so I grabbed that as well. I know they have a Garlic & Roasted Red Pepper but my store was out of that type. My husband would have loved it. They also have Pepper and Light Garlic & Fine Herbs. I got them in the puck form and I think its easier to repack them that way. After inviting friends over we decided that we were going to do ‘fancy’ sandwiches instead of cooking out like we had originally planned. I had a cheese tray and small snacks already dancing in my mind but my husband said we should just try the Boursin on the sandwiches!


So I made everyone sandwiches. The Boursin cheese is soft and slightly crumbly so I knew it would taste terrific on sourdough bread. I popped the bread in the panini press and voila! Yummy sandwich. I added roast beef and tomato after I spread the Boursin. I tried it with both flavors I bought and I think I like the Garlic & Herbs flavor the best. I tried the Shallot & Chive on a Cajun turkey hoagie I made in the oven and it was heavenly. I know that some people may not like the soft cheeses on sandwiches but I think they should give Boursin a try. I was pleasantly surprised and this is coming from someone who usually only adds mustard to her all meat sandwiches.


We had a fun time trying Boursin cheeses out this week. I wish we could have sandwich and cheese parties all the time. You can find out more about Boursin and entertaining ideas by connecting with them below.

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3 thoughts on “My Adventures with #BoursinCheese”

  1. This is really good cheese and I have put it on crackers and it tastes so good! I would like to do what you did and make sandwiches with it! Yours look delicious.

  2. I love spreadable cheese but am not familiar with this brand. The garlic Boursin chz sounds great and I will look for it next time I shop!

  3. These both sound so nice! I love trying new cheeses, and somehow, these escaped my attention. I must try it, especially sounds great for sandwiches!

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