Make a GREAT Big Heart Pet Brands Carrot Paw Print Treat Bag to #TreatThePups

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I *love* dogs. I’ve had a dog in my family since I was a toddler and can’t imagine life without my furry buddies! I am the proud dog-mom of three rescued dogs- Molly, a black pug; Roscoe, an elderly Havanese; and Fibi, a Chiweenie mix. I love to include our furry friends in our family activities and I especially love giving them treats! (I think they like it too!) So I was happy to find that Big Heart Pet Brand Products had produced a website designed specifically to help families everywhere include their doggie family members in their Thanksgiving celebrations! They want to #TreatThePups and so do I!

Their website has some really cute videos featuring Mishka, an adorable husky that can (sort of) talk. And they’ve got some great craft ideas you can do for your dog or to gift to the other dog lovers in your life! With crafts filled with yummy dog snacks, you’re sure to be a hit with any of your four-footed friends!

After watching a few of the craft videos, I felt inspired. Even though I’m not super crafty, I knew I could make something simple, so I created a very quick goodie bag of my own with things I already had around the house. To get things rolling, I picked up a box of Milk Bone All-Natural Healthy Favorites Granola Biscuits, a bag of Pup-Peroni Mix Stix, and a bag of Milo’s Kitchen Grillers. I didn’t even get them in the door before Roscoe KNEW I had brought home treats. He always knows! So I let them taste-test things before I got busy. They love all three! Fibi loves the Pup-Peroni in particular- I think she has a new favorite treat!

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I grabbed a paper lunch bag out of my pantry and got a little ink from an art set I have (a stamp pad would work just as well). Using a carrot, I made a paw-print stamper. It’s really simple- just rubber band pieces of a carrot together like so. I carved an indentation into the main paw pad to make it look more natural. Then simply dip into the ink, and press onto the bag! Simple!!! A quick minute with sharpie to label it (this one is for Fibi), and then I fill it with treats. This is perfect for my doggies’ Thanksgiving Day feasts! Now I can give each one their own bag filled with their favorite treats. You can also use it to sign holiday cards from your four legged friends or to decorate their special areas in the house. The ink dries fast so there is little cleaning up to do later.


So much of what we humans eat at our Thanksgiving meals isn’t safe or appropriate for dogs. The Big Heart website has some wonderful tips on how to keep your dog safe and happily fed during the big event, and in my house these treats will play a part of that. It’s an excellent alternative to human foods that aren’t necessarily the best for dogs to eat. Visit the website for valuable information on sharing your Thanksgiving Day with your furry friends!

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18 thoughts on “Make a GREAT Big Heart Pet Brands Carrot Paw Print Treat Bag to #TreatThePups”

  1. My aunt regularly gives human food to her dogs, and I’ve always wondered how safe it is. At least they are big dogs so hopefully their systems can handle it a bit better. She should probably give them dog treats instead.

  2. Very cute! I loved the paw print idea. My parents just adopted a rescued dog and I need to get her some treats for Christmas. 🙂

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