Living #SmarterFootball at my Sports Driven House

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As a sports mom I am often asked about how much it costs or how much time does it take in a way that seems like people think it’s not worth it. Let me tell you that it is worth every single penny I spent and every second I watch my children play or practice. It is worth every ounce of sweat from me carrying cases of snacks or drinks for the team or trying to keep up with my teenager when he wants to work out together. Its part of my family, its a part of my childhood. All of my sister’s played sports and my dad always coached. I read but I always there. I never missed a game. I always knew I would grow up and be the same kind of parent.  I wish all kids had that kind of supportive parents like my sisters and I had growing up. My dad really put his all into coaching and making the game fun and my mom always volunteered and tried to get grants to fix up the fields. Riddell is calling on players, coaches, parents and fans to take an active role in advancing the game through the Smarter Football Commitment. This initiative invites members of the football community at all levels to join in a movement to create a safer, better sport through the use of “smarter” tactics on and off the field.


I love programs like this that give back and help our children’s futures. Young athletes need the adults in their lives to help support them. Riddell is pledging up to $100,000 in equipment grants to select football programs in need of upgraded gear. Multiple grants will be awarded to several deserving programs that best demonstrate how the new product will strengthen their team’s commitment to smarter football. I know how much that kind of money can mean to local programs. We live in a reasonably small town so its not like we have millions coming in each game or anything.

Smarter Football is a great way to protect our children and help them grow in many ways including:

  • Safe tackling
  • Proper nutrition
  • Excellent sportsmanship
  • Maintaining good grades

Apply now!  This year’s smarter football program is open August 1 – 31! 

Riddell will select the Smarter Football equipment grant recipients shortly after and deliver new gear before this football season ends. Follow @RiddellSports and #SmarterFootball for news on the 2017 Smarter Football program.


Author: Kat

Kat is a married mom of three kids aged 19, 11, and 8 that lives close to Birmingham, AL. She loves cats, books, cooking, hockey, and watching movies. She is an admitted nerd, comic book lover, action figure & barbie doll collector, blackjack dealer, beginner croupier, and all around queen of the dorks. You can reach her at [email protected] to talk about product reviews, press trips, sponsorships, or brand messaging.

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