Lets Get Ready to Rumble with Wubble Rumblers

This post is sponsored to talk about Wubble Rumblers. As always, all opinions are my own.

This pandemic has been hard on everyone. I know that its especially hard on kids because they don’t get to do ANYTHING ever. Direct quote from my kids at least. They are bored and have played with every toy they own again and again. They are going stir crazy and need to get rid of some energy. Well we were sent the perfect toys for that!

Wubble Rumblers are the latest in the Wubble family. Styles include a wrestlerNinjaFist, or Karate Chop.

Whack ‘em! Smack ‘em!  Bop‘em! Chop ‘em! Get busy with these toys and play all day long! Really burn all that energy.

My kids had so much fun! They rolled on them. They hit the walls with them. They hit each other with them. They laughed for hours when we first got them and now they still play with them daily.

My daughter wasnt sure at first. She hit it and then hugged it. She didnt want to be mean to her toy. But I convinced her that she was just playing with it.

She says they are her “blow up friends” and she needs to hug them and throw them. She really liked the FUZZY Wubble we were sent too but her brother claimed it really quick. I told her I would buy her the Fuzzy Wubble Cat next.

So check these out! Wubble products can be purchased at Target.com and wubbleball.com. Wubble Rumblers retail for $12.99. Other Wubble products range in price from $5.99 to $19.99The Rumblers inflate a gigantic three feet tall!  Rumblers are squishy, squashy, super soft and 400 times more elastic than a typical inflatable – from the makers of the Super Wubble Bubble Ball!  Enjoy hours of big bopping fun as you get your rumble on! Recommended for ages 6+.  Inflates in minutes with the enclosed nozzle.

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