Keeping Your House Looking Lovely With Granite Gold

I have been trying to update my house for years now.  Pretty much since I moved in really. My kitchen is spacious but I have this island that I hate right in the middle of it. I wish I had a stainless steel island for baking/cooking on.  This one would be lovely. We could add the extra sink and I would have so much more space!

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Another thing I wish I had was great counter tops. Mine are basic light colored wood counter tops which do look good with my counters but I dont think they really fit the over large kitchen we have. I think marble counters would be awesome. They would be great to clean as well since I am always worried about things ‘sinking’ into mine.

Source: via Kat on Pinterest


Of course if I had marble counters I would want natural stone backsplashes. This is getting to be an expensive dream of mine so I will stop with the counters and island for today even though there is SO much more I would do. I know that with all this great new stuff I would need to take better care of it. I would need a great product like Granite Gold to clean my counters. It is non-toxic and biodegradable, specially formulated for natural stone.  It can be bought in a spray or biodegradable wipes and it is safe on food-preparation surfaces. Their website also has great tips on how to care for natural stone in your house.

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